Benefit for Glenn Farr

Update: thanks, everyone, for your support. The benefit was successful: we raised well over $2500 to help out Glenn, enough to keep him in his apartment.

The owners of this blog, Autumn Rhodes and Adam Lang, are helping to organize a benefit for a local Irish musician who had a terrible accident last year. Here are the details:

Glenn Farr has been a regular part of the traditional music scene of San Francisco (and Westport, Co. Mayo) for many years. He was the fiddle player for the Wrenboys, The Rogues, and several other bands.

Recently, in an attempt to thwart a burglary in his apartment building, Glenn was attacked and fell off a balcony (more than a one story fall). He broke the would-be intruder’s fall, and woke up in the ICU with skull fracture, concussion, internal bleeding, and extensive nerve damage. He was in the ICU for several days. The concussion has led to long-term dizziness and memory issues. The nerve damage has left him unable to use his hands – he has no grip in one hand and can’t bend the fingers with the other. This has made day-to-day tasks extremely difficult or impossible. He is unable to work or play music for the time being and it’s unclear what his chances are of completely regaining ability. There will be a long recovery period of a year or more, involving several surgeries. Glenn is currently trying to get on disability, but until all the paperwork goes through, he’s stuck without any income. With this fundraiser, we hope to help cover some of his costs of rent, medication, and medical bills.

The benefit will be on Saturday, May 25th, at 9 PM. It is being held at the Plough & Stars, 116 Clement Street (between 2nd and 3rd Ave), San Francisco. There will be drinking, dancing, and general carrying on, including performances by members of The Gas Men, The Emperor Norton Ceili Band, The Jammy Dodgers, and Glenn’s own band, The Wrenboys. (Possibly others as well.) A good time will be had by all. (Or else!)

The official page for the benefit is located here.

Some people who cannot make it to the concert have inquired about how to help out Glenn. I have set up this page, and a paypal account, for his benefit. If you can help, please do. You can donate here:

No more donations needed. Thanks again!

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  4. Carol says:

    Is it possible to find out if Glenn Farr’s injuries are going to be cured. Have not heard anything regarding surgeries, recovery, where he is recovering, rehab etc.
    Please advise

    • Adam Lang says:

      Hi, Carol. Right now we’re just as in-the-dark as you are: Glenn has been undergoing treatment for the past two years, and was until recently back to working as a bartender again: he’d recovered a lot of the use of his hands, but not all, and his biggest priority, playing the fiddle again, remained out of his reach. About a month ago he went back into the hospital for another operation, and he’s been recovering in the hospital since then. We haven’t heard anything, and don’t know how he’s doing, and he won’t answer questions (though he does drop by Facebook regularly.)

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