Dog of the Day: Lucy the Tibetan Terrier

…for I am… The Holy Terrier!

Tibetan Terrier With Short Haircut

Still rare enough to be worth chasing down, though.

Tibetan Terrier With Short Haircut

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2 Responses to …for I am… The Holy Terrier!

  1. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, we cannot post a picture of our sweet little girl on this site. She died last Dec. at 15 1/2. She is an exact replica of the dog pictured here. In fact they are so close it brought my wife to tears. She was found abandoned in the pouring rain with parvo virus, in a busy intersection in Vancouver BC.
    She was sweet, kind and gentle and loved to play. We named her Ceba which is Tibetan for dear to hold.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Aww, I’m so sorry for your loss, but it sounds like you had a pretty great dog for a pretty great run.

      If you want to post some pictures here, it’s easy: just post them on an image sharing site (imgur is easy but any of them will do) and then paste the links into a comment here and everyone can visit them. And I’d love to see them… I’ve run into quite a few Tibetan terrier since I saw this pup, and I have really fallen for the breed. They’re among my favorite small dog breeds.

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