Dog of the Day: Sofie the Tervuran Shepherd, Revisited

So I ran into Sofie and her dad, and I thought her name sounded familiar. And it turns out that yes, I ran into her before… back in 2010! She’s still around and kicking, at age 13. And distributing happy smooches to passers-by.

Thirteen-Year-Old Belgian Tervuren Shepherd

I also found out I got her name wrong last time. It’s ‘Sofie’ and not ‘Sophie’. Fixed now.

Thirteen-Year-Old Belgian Tervuren Shepherd

She’s all smiles.

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Dog of the Day: Irish Setter Puppy

Last Milwaukee post. This poor pup was getting a little more attention than he could really handle at six months. He was being very good, but he was preeeetty pooped by this time.

Irish Setter Puppy On Table

Very obedient dog. Well trained even at this age.

Irish Setter Puppy Being Petted

Then again, unless they’re actually running and grinning they always look sad and pooped.

Irish Setter Puppy And Woman Gazing Into One Another's Eyes

Mom was not the only one receiving puppy smooches, by the way. *ahem*

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Sunday Sloth Switchup: SLOTHFEST 2017!!

On Saturday, Autumn and I went to a Sloth festival. I was somewhat hesitant to advertise it on here, because I wasn’t actually sure there would be anything interesting going on there. They were advertising sloth-based art and ‘sound healing’ and some kind of magic healing massage that doesn’t involve people touching you at all, which, well, that’s not my kind of thing.

But it turns out, well, they had a sloth. Among other beasties. And I had my nose licked by it.

Anyone up for slothfest 2018?

(PS: The lighting was HOOOOORRRRRIBLE.)

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Dog of the Day: Husky

Pretty pup!

Husky With Beautiful Markings Waiting For Tacos

I feel like the markings on his forehead should mean something. Sergeant Dog, maybe?

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Dog of the Day: Baby Jesus the Pit Bull Mix

Don’t blame me, I didn’t name him. I just petted and cuddled and photographed him.

Baby Jesus (13, pit bull mix) is the dog of a coworker and friend of mine, and is also now one of Autumn’s clients. He’s slowed down a bit since his puppyhood but he’s still a friend to all.

American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Lying On Carpet

He’s actually a joint-custody dog, which unfortunately means he’s only come in to hang out with us at work once so far. Hopefully many more to come!

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Dog of the Day: Lab Mix

I’m not sure. I just know that he’s amazingly mellow and that I ran into him at work. And that that’s a hell of a trick with the tongue.

Brown Labrador Retriever Mix Curling His Tongue

That’s some talent right there.

Brown Labrador Retriever Mix Napping

I kind of like this one.

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Dog of the Day: Chico the Australian Shepherd Mix

I ran into Chico The Gorgeous earlier today, and just had to post him. Wow. Just wow.

Gorgeous Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Mix

I feel like I’ve seen Chico before.

Gorgeous Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Mix

Chico is one of those dogs with perfect sucker radar. Spotted me a block away.

Gorgeous Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Mix With Partial Heterochromia

Let’s get a closer look at those eyes.

Gorgeous Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Mix With Partial Heterochromia

This is mere seconds before I was ambushed by a spate of incredible cuddles.

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Double Dog Day: Florida Dogs!

A rare thing on this blog: some pictures from someone besides me. But this is a special occasion: a lot of humans and pups and kitties down in Florida (and still plenty in Texas!) who need help and homes. These two are lucky enough to have a family who took them out to play yesterday, while Irma was still on the horizon. (All the dog parks were closed, so they went out on Tampa Bay, an ‘effective dog park’. And then brought them back to the hotel, where they enjoyed a nice shower and a snooze.) Sleep safe, puppydogs! And humans, too!

Personally, I am donating to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida and Habitat for Humanity Jacksonville on this one, but there are good charities for helping pets and wildlife too.

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Sunday Switchup: NnnnrRRRRrrrgh (Now With More Seals!)

Eventful weekend. Including eight hours in an emergency room. Fortunately, the reason I was in there for eight hours was that after they finally dragged me in from the waiting room (2 hours) and got a doctor in to see me (45 minutes) they did a couple of tests (15 minutes) and determined that I was the least urgent person in the place. Which is certainly better than the alternative.

Still, spending the next five hours in a hospital waiting for some blood work (which should have taken roughly ten minutes) and a doctor to sign me out made me raaaaaather cranky. Especially since they discharged me about ten minutes after the last restaurant in the area closed and I hadn’t eaten in twenty eight hours.

So, for your Sunday Switchup, have a friendly seal and a sleepy seal. I will have more seals for you some other time.

Seals Basking On A Beach, Sea Ranch, CA

Hooray for zoom lenses! If you click on the picture and look closely at the full-sized one you can even see his whiskers.

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Dog of the Day: 4-Month-Old Wolfhound Puppy

In honor of Bronte the gorgeous Irish wolfhound, who I posted in 2010 (without knowing her name) and whose dad just somehow found my pictures of her today, I present you with another Irish wolfhound, this one a puppy. A really young puppy.

No, seriously. Go look at this pup, who is the same age. Okay, okay, not a fair comparison, you say? Well, how about a Great Pyrenees puppy of the same age? They’re a big breed, but wolfhounds are just ginormous.

(Also, Apple’s spelling dictionary recognizes ginormous. Who’d’a thunk?)

Four-Month-Old Irish Wolfhound Puppy Looking Expectant

They don’t get a lot ganglier than a 4-month-old wolfhound.

Four-Month-Old Irish Wolfhound Puppy Looking Smug

It was next to impossible to get pictures of him. Not because he was moving around or anything, but because there was essentially never a time when he wasn’t completely surrounded by people wanting to pet him.

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