Dog of the Day: Homer the American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

This is Homer, AKA ‘Homie’, ‘Hammy’, and, eventually, ‘Ham Sandwich’. He’s a 6-year-old pit mix, and, well, kind of funny story. I was out and about on Polk Street and I ran across him while he and his owners were sitting at a sidewalk cafe. I started petting him and taking pictures. And while I was doing so, the people at the next table over started talking to Homer’s owners about him, and there was a lot of spirited discussion about non-dog-friendly workplaces and the like, and the upshot was that the people at the next table over were planning on taking Homer to work with them during the day for a few days.

I really do love this town sometimes.

It’s been a late night for me and I got nothing in the way of hovertext, so anyone who has an idea for what this dog is thinking, post it in a comment. The best one wins a prize of guaranteed puppy smooches from the next dog you pet. I promise!

IMG_5997 IMG_6001

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Dog of the Day: Husky Mix Maybe?

Another unknown mix, but what a pretty one!

Siberian Husky Mix Licking Photographer's Hand While Looking Soulfully Into The Camera

We each had time for only one: me, one picture, and her, one lick. I think I got the better end of both transactions.

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Dog of the Day: German Shepherd Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Someone has had a long day. I can relate: I’ve had a long week-and-a-day, and it’s not getting any shorter! My brilliant idea of taking a night class in auto repair seems to be, er, backfiring.

Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd Mixed Breed With Cropped Ears Lying On The Ground

-1 to humanity for this brutal ear-cropping job. +1 for all the people who were crowding around to adopt her.

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Caturday Supplement: Casual Kitten

Hope you had a casual Caturday!

Tiger Tabby Cat

Little white toes.

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Dog of the Day: Dusty the Basset Fauve de Bretagne

Well, we don’t see this very often these days: Dusty is a new breed for us, a Basset Fauve de Bretagne, or a ‘Fawn Brittany basset’. And if you think ‘they don’t look much like the other kind of basset hound!’ you’d be right. It’s hard to tell in this photo, but they actually are a little on the long-and-low side, and they’re very strong scent trackers, so they do share at least some family resemblance.

Basset Fauve de Bretagne Looking Intently At The Camera

He’s got a bit of a nose-stripe, like a husky. But with huskies the stripe continues onto the fur. Funny to see it in a dog with single-color fur.

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Dog of the Day: #RucaTheCorgi the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

We have another famous pup here, Ruca, also known as #RucaTheCorgi on the Instamagrams. There are a total of three pictures of her on my site. If you want more cute pictures of her, or more-cute pictures of her, you’ll have to visit that Instagram page.

Red And White Pembroke Welsh Corgi Grinning At The Camera

Just a touch of derp to go with a mile-wide grin.

Red And White Pembroke Welsh Corgi Staring Into The Camera

Definitely some derping going on now.

Red And White Pembroke Welsh Corgi Getting Her Schnozz All Up In My Bidnezz


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Bonus Post: Black Kittens for National Black Cat Appreciation Day

It’s National Black Cat Appreciation Day, and so you get a bonus post! I love the little white tailtip.

Three Black Kittens, One With A White Tailtip

They’re doing what cats do best: one is staring off into space, one is destroying something, and one is licking… uh… something. But I still love ’em. 🙂

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Dog of the Day: Shakes the Bullmastiff Pit Bull Mix Puppy

Can you believe Shakes is only 12 weeks old? He looks full-grown already! Except for that one stubborn ear that hasn’t quite popped up just yet.

As I’ve said many times before, if I took pictures of your pup and you’d like to see them posted, tell me his or her name and breed in a comment, and I will do my best to accommodate you. I have lots and lots of pictures, and I like posting the ones that will get an appreciative audience.

White With Brown Spots American Pit Bull Terrier Bullmastiff Mix Puppy With One Ear Up And One Ear Flopped

Not sure what the name is about, which probably means it’s a blazingly obvious popular culture reference.

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Dog of the Day: Labrador Retriever Mix

Something tells me he isn’t straight Lab. Not sure, though. I caught him when I dropped by the SPCA a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure he’s gone by now… with the super-potent puppydog eyes, there’s no way he stayed there long.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Lying On A Towel And Giving The Camera Serious Puppydog Eyes

They usually like those dog beds, but this guy seemed to prefer staying right up close to the visitors.

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Dog of the Day: Doc the Repeat Customer Bloodhound

Hard for me to believe that it’s been four years since I posted pictures of Doc and Dolly, the utterly vital employees of Russian Hill Upholstery and Decor. I finally ran into Doc outside for the first time ever a couple of months ago, and sure enough, the color balance is rather better when there’s some actual light on him.

Bloodhound Looking Inquisitive

You could bundle up a dozen adorable little baby fruit bats in each of those ears.

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