Dog of the Day: Max the Exceptionally Foofly Norwich Terrier

Max is going to be turning 2 in a week or so, and his name might well be short for Maximally Fluffy.

Norwich Terrier With Two Balls
It was wild, watching him sprinting across the grass. Floof flying out in all directions.
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Puppy of the Day: Bao the Shiba Inu

Bao — so named because he’s the same shade as the bun of the same name — is only 5 months old, do you believe it? He’s gonna be a giant shibe!

Shiba Inu Puppy Trotting Toward The Camera
Too bad there were no kids in the playground. I would’ve loved to have gotten some pictures of him playing with them.
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Dog of the Day: Siberian Husky

Ran into this pup about 10 feet away from yesterday’s pup, just chilling out and watching the proceedings.

Siberian Husky Chilling On The Sidewalk
So casual. Wonder how old he is?
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Dog of the Day: Luna the Redbone Coonhound Birthday Girl

What do you know? I ran into another birthday pup today. She’s turning 7 on the 21st, and I figured I’d post it today, both so that she’s on the page for her birthday, and so that I wouldn’t forget it, because I’m damn good at that.

Redtick Coonhound Smiling Into The Camera
She’s a real sweetie. I don’t know why I see so few hounds in the Bay Area.
Man With His Redtick Coonhound
She’s tough to get pointed in the direction of the photographer, though!
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Bunday Color Supplement: Double Size Special!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Alex the Great! Alex the Great is … pretty great. He is the only bunny member of the San Francisco Airport Wag Brigade, so he spends much of his time comforting unhappy passengers in the airport. We have run into a couple of Wag Brigadiers before. Neither of them were bunnies, though one was not your typical comfort animal either.

Really Huge Rabbit Sitting In A Stroller
Ran into them down at the Ferry Building, where they were spreading smiles wherever they went.
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Double Dog Day: Facci the Siberian Husky and Naia the Labrador Retriever German Shepherd Mix BIRTHDAY DOG!

Dammit. I took a picture of the black pup in this picture on Tuesday and it was her birthday and I forgot to post it! Well, happy belated ELEVENTH birthday, Naia! I would have pegged you at two or three, both from looks and from demeanor. You look young in every possible way, and color me envious!

Siberian Husky Licking Labrador Retriever German Shepherd Mix
Man, I really have got to remember to add reminders to post things like this, so I don’t miss an important occasion. My memory is so terrible.
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Puppy of the Day: Olive the Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix

Olive! Four months old in these pictures, and cute as a bug in a whole pile of rugs!

Olive is another pup from late last summer, because I just discovered that the photos I’ve taken since then are too big for me to load onto my laptop. Argh. Going to need to set up some alternative storage…

Goofy German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppy
Olive is BIG for a pup that young. She’s going to be a force to recon with!
Goofy German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppy
She is also an absolute goofus. I love her.
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Dog of the Day: Amelio the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

As a postscript to my little rant last night, I went to bed, finally fell asleep at midnight, woke up at 4 AM, picked up a water bottle that I had filled with lemonade to take a drink, fell back asleep, and spilled more than a pint of lemonade in my bed. And my underwear. And the floor. And what would have been my hair if I had any hair. Which, I guess, means that it’s a good thing I didn’t.

I cleaned up as best I could, and moved to the other bed. And woke up, oddly, feeling a lot more positive, an attitude helped by the fact that when I went to look, my reset computer was working perfectly again. I didn’t get a whole lot done today, but at least I feel like I have the option to!

What I am going to get done is to post a picture of Amelio, a 6 year old Pembroke that I ran into late last summer, just before I folded up this laptop and went off on my little adventure. I think his portrait came out pretty much perfect, don’t you?

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Sitting On The Sidewalk And Looking Into The Camera With An Eager Expression
Oh, to be as happy to see anyone as this dog is to see everyone.
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Site News: Utterly Infuriating

I have now broken the 20 hour mark trying to get my newish Mac to do internet sharing, so that I can use the internet from my apartment. It is going to take at least another 25 or so, because I am now having to reformat it and reinstall from scratch and then rebuild everything on it instead of transferring stuff from my 10-year-old machine, which still works fine but which is no longer supported so is a security risk. And that is assuming that internet sharing works even after I completely wipe and reinstall, which is by no means guaranteed.

I got so desperate I tried setting it up on my Windows machine. That went about as well as I expected, which is to say that it disconnected from my uplink every time I tried to share the internet on the downlink.

And now the macOS install has been sitting on “2 hours and 58 minutes remaining” for a little over 20 minutes, and I have the feeling that if I go to bed, I know what I am going to see on the screen when I get up in the morning.

Is it just me, or does everything actually work less well now than it did ten years ago?

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Dog of the Day: Raine the MAXI-Dachshund

I saw Raine (3, girl) the other day, and said, “My god, she’s huge!” She’s a full-sized dachshund, in a day where at least 95% of the ones I see are minis, plus she’s a long-hair (aka a foofly wiener!) Her dad said, “Yeah, I get lots of people asking if she’s a miniature golden retriever,” and I said, “Oh man, if she is, someone stole her legs!”

(I also think she looks a bit like an eight year old wearing her mom’s fur coat.)

Long-Haired Full-Sized Dachshund
Hopefully the little bit of blurriness isn’t visible in the medium-sized image. It’s what happens when I try to take dog pictures when it’s not full light outside.
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