Sunday Switchup: Lake Springfield

I took a rather… ambitious bike ride yesterday, up to Springfield and back in a big circle. I estimated 50 miles but it turned out to ‘only’ be 46. And I did, to be fair, have an electric bicycle helping me. However, I also had more than 30 pounds on my back for more than half of the way. My shoulders are still sore, as are my legs, and both of them will probably be more so tomorrow.

Oh, also, the return half was done in the dark. Which was mostly very nice, interspersed with the occasional moment of utter terror.

Night View From Bridge Over Water

There’s a little bitty bridge that cuts Lake Springfield in half. Almost nobody seems to use it, especially at night. I can’t imagine why not, nor why, in that case, it was built at all. But it made a great bike route!

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Dog of the Day: Sadie the Australian Shepherd/”Lots Of Things” Mix

My notes are sparse, but what I think they mean is that Sadie’s folks know she’s an Aussie on one side and a mutt on the other. I do have down that she’s 7, and I’m going to hazard a guess that there’s some dachshund in there.

Tricolor Mutt

I’m definitely seeing dachshund in that face.

Tricolor Mutt

Oh, and the legs. Those too.

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Dog of the Day: Hillary the Labradoodle

Hillary (2, girl) is a giant heart of gold wrapped in a big fur coat.

Labradoodle With Puppydog Eyes

Someone had just been drinking and her entire muzzle was soaking wet. And of course I got it.

Labradoodle Looking Happy

Muppet fur can hold an awful lot of water.

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Dog of the Day: Pretty Patient Pupper

She’s a polite Lady Of A Certain Age, who daintily greets everyone, and ignores anyone who happens to bark at her impolitely. And she is very patient, too.

Black Dog With White Muzzle

Anyone have any breed guesses? Border collie mix, maybe? Lab in there somewhere? She’s a puzzle.

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Sunday Switchup: Hummingbirday!

I know they’re more aggressive pound-for-pound than almost any other beast out there, but I still think they’re adorable.

Hummingbird Sitting On A Tendril Of A Bush

This one is from San Francisco, but I’ve met a few out here in the midwest too.

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Caturday Supplement:

It has been a long, rather frustrating day. I spent all of it up until about 3:15 PM rebuilding the power cable that connects the Lummox to the power main, because I kept getting alerts telling me that the cable had a ‘bad ground’, but only about every other time I used it. Well, I don’t know if I actually fixed it or if or if this is one of those 50/50 chances but I finally got it working. And a good thing, too: it was in the mid 90s here, with upwards of 90 percent humidity. And after that I spent the rest of the day fixing the roof fan, which was also broken. We’ll see tomorrow if that worked: gotta give the case time for the epoxy to set. Of course, neither of these things would have taken a competent electrician more than an hour to do, but that sort of lets me out.

Anyway, have a cat. I could really use one to cuddle up with right now. I did get to visit with my campground-neighbors’ Boston terriers, but I’m not sure ‘cuddle’ is quite the right word for what those rather energetic dogs perpetrated on me. Pounce-and-lick-frantically, maybe.

Cat Sitting On Cat Tree

I wonder if any of the RVs at the camp have cats?

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Dog of the Day: Iko the Golden Retriever Puppy

Iko was 12 weeks old when I took these pictures, just before I left San Francisco. He is, of course, named after the amazing song. And he has an amazing instagram, full of the most ridiculously cute pictures ever collected in one spot. Seriously. Go look at it. You deserve it.

Man Holding Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy

Someone didn’t want to be on his way home. He wanted to meet ALL the people.

Man Holding Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy

If Iko is that big at 12 weeks, he’s going to be a monster by the time 12 months rolls around.

12-Week-Old Golden Retriever Puppy Looking Sad

An ADORABLE monster.

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Double Dog Day: Huggy Bear the Labradoodle and Boba Fett the Chocolate Lab

These two are concerned about all those people on the East Coast who are about to get bopped upside the head with a hurricane, as am I. Stay safe, y’all!

Chocolate Lab Looking Pensive

They make a pretty great pair: sleek, smooth chocolate…

Yellow Labradoodle With Scruffy Fur

…and scruffy, curly vanilla.

Chocolate Lab And Yellow Labradoodle

Two great tastes that go great together!

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Dog of the Day: Tadich the Basset Hound Mix

Tadich is named after the oldest continuously-run restaurant in California, and the third oldest in the United States. Which is pretty amazing… who would have thought the third oldest restaurant in the US would be in California of all places?

As for the pup… god, I don’t know what he is, aside from utterly ridiculous. He’s definitely half basset, there’s no question with those feet and ears. But what breed has the strength to drag basset ears more than halfway up? If I were forced to make a guess I’d say basenji, although there are a lot of dogs that look like basenji mixes and nowhere near as many that actually are. Still, something about his face…

Ridiculous Half Basenji Half Basset With Ears That Stick Straight Out To The Side

I was at the top of a staircase when I saw Tadich coming up. I had to wait at the top because his ears took up the whole width, leaving me no room to pass.

Ridiculous Half Basenji Half Basset With Ears That Stick Straight Out To The Side

What would a half basenji, half basset be, anyway? A bassetenji? A bassinet?

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Dog of the Day: Pack Pomeranian

Someone’s not entirely sold on the backpack, but if it lets him come into the office every day he’s willing to put up with it.

It’s pretty amazing: every time Google rolls out a change to their search algorithm, it results in their search engine sending fewer and fewer people my way. I’m literally down to 1/4 what they were sending me two years ago, even though I have a bunch more content and quite a few more external links. It really seems like they are simply getting less and less interested in content that is created by end users, for end users. They’d rather send people to web sites that poach my pictures illegally and use them to sell flea and tick products, or indeed simply use them to get people to load a thousand web ads.

Not sure I like where this ‘internet’ thingie is headed, when we delegate all of our responsibility for determining that to Google. Maybe it’s just me.

Man Strapping Pomeranian Into Backpack

I don’t have any notes on the pup, but I’m pretty sure he’s 11 or 12.

Man With Pomeranian Strapped To His Back

The guy is being such a drama queen! That dog weighs less than my laptop.

Pomeranian In A Backpack

Needs doggles.

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