Dog of the Coast: Einstein the Maltese Bichon Frise Mix

On the same day I ran into Stella — July 4th! — I also ran into this cute little cotton ball. Einstein is a boy, and was very much into checking out the sights, sounds, and smells along the California coast.

Small White Fluffy Dog Looking Out Over The Ocean

Einstein seemed to enjoy the view as much as I did. Very calming for both of us.

Small Fluffy White Dog Standing In Front Of California Coastline

We both also got somewhat distracted by the local wildlife.

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Dog of the Day: Kai the Eurasier

I ran into Kai (13!) while I was walking another dog. The two didn’t really hit it off (no snarling or anything, just mostly indifferent) so I didn’t get terribly many pictures, but a couple came out okay, and his dad sent me a couple more, one of which I’m using (it’s the last picture of the set.)

Edit: And wow, that was all one sentence. I should read what I write more often. 😛

Fluffy Ol' Eurasier

It was actually pretty warm that day for San Francisco. (80s, no breeze.) Kai looked a little uncomfortable in direct sunlight.

Fluffy Eurasier

I think he’d be a little better suited to winter camping in the Himalayas.

Fluffy Eurasier Sticking Out His Tongue

Picture from Kai’s dad. I like the expression. And the fluff. SO MUCH FLUFF.

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Dog of the Day: Unknown Terrier

Someone help me out here… I feel like this is probably a real breed but I don’t know what.

Edit: As Peggy says below in the comments, this has got to be a cairn terrier. Thanks!

Unknown Terrier Mix Sticking His Head Out Of A Car Window

I was wandering through a parking lot in the Presidio, when what to my wondering eyes should appear…

Unknown Terrier Mix Sticking His Head Out Of A Car Window

…than a miniature dog, and a very patient person who sat there idling while I took pictures.

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Dog of the Day: Northern Sandyjawed Happypup

Another friend from CorgiCon. He was one of several who had never ever been to the beach before, I believe. I am getting the feeling that maaaaaybe he liked it?

Delightedly Happy Pembroke Welsh Corgi With Sand All Over His Muzzle

Question one: how did he get that much sand to stick to his face?

Delightedly Happy Pembroke Welsh Corgi On Beach

Question two: how did he get rid of it all five seconds later? (Alternate question two: was it crunchy?)

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Sunday Switchup: Let’s Play ‘Spot The Wildlife’

You might have to zoom in a bit (click on the photo to see it larger, or click here in order to see the full-sized picture) to see:

  • three dark-grey/black wading birds (could these be little blue herons?)
  • five turtles
  • a flock of seagulls
  • at least one duck
  • some human beings
Wildlife in Pond Outside Palace of Fine Arts Theater in San Francisco

I hesitated about putting the people into the list, but some of them MUST be wild… surely?

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Caturday Supplement: Already Spoken For

These two kittens were at an adoption fair I stumbled on a while back, but they were already spoken for. Someone was adopting both, so they didn’t have to miss one another. Yay!

Two Kittens On A Purple Towel

I guess they’d been found with mom, wild, but they’d been caught early enough to be perfectly comfortable around humans.

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Dog-And-Friend of the Day: CorgiCon-Going Photographer Photographs CorgiCon-Going Photographer Photographing CorgiCon Con-Goer

How did she get him to pose like that? None of them posed like that for ME!

Woman Taking A Picture Of A Grinning Corgi

He’s even ignoring the ball!

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Dog of the Day: CorgiCon Husky

This was one of the other non-Corgi visitors to CorgiCon. (Other besides me, I mean.) He seemed to be having almost as good a time there as I was.

Soaking Wet White Siberian Husky Galloping Through The Water

My hair used to look like that, some mornings. Back when I had hair.

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Sunday Switchup: Ratterday-on-Bunday

Yes, it’s Ratterday-on-Bunday, and I don’t mean that strange little town in southeastern England. I went to the San Francisco Dungeon’s Rat Cafe yesterday, and it was…

…a disappointing experience in more or less every way. I could have planned better given fifteen minutes and a piece of paper and a small pencil stub.

We arrived at 9 AM, to find that the ‘cafe’ was an almost-unlit room with a bunch of stand-up tables, a pair of pots of coffee (and no tea!), some Costco pastries, and not even any water! (They sent someone out to buy water, so after twenty minutes or so we got some bottled water in. That’s thinking ahead!) We all stood around feeling somewhat confused. Where were the rats? Never mind the rats, where were the chairs? The concrete floor was hard on a lot of people’s feet. There was no butter (let alone marmalade and clotted cream) for the scones. Did I mention that THERE WAS NO TEA?

Finally, after half an hour, they let us into a room, where five or six volunteers stood around with one rat each. We were allowed to approach the volunteers and, if the rat was in a good mood, interact with him or her. No holding the rats. There were around, what, thirty? forty? of us. Did I mention six rats? And no tables. And a tiny room, so everyone was crammed in tight. I ate two elbows.

And then, after slightly more than 30 minutes, they herded us all out again. No more rats. We could go on the San Francisco Dungeon ride if we wanted. Well, I did. That was 90 minutes of my life that I will not regain. It was basically Disney with a much smaller price tag but roughly the same profit margin. It was supposedly educational, but you could’ve learned more San Francisco history for free off of a single one of the signs on Hyde Street Pier, and it would’ve taken you 40 seconds, max, to read.

I happened to overhear that one of the coordinators of the Dungeon was fairly high up the food chain in the entertainment organization department at Disney. Welp, I suspect that if he left to make his million he’s been successful, but he sure hasn’t made anything much of interest to me. And that, alas, includes the rat cafe.

That said, the rats were cute, as were one or two of the visitors.

Little Girl In Mouse Jumper

Meet Lilah. Lilah has been a rat enthusiast since she was three months old. If you do not think this is adorable there is something very wrong with you.

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Caturday Supplement: Herding

More Cat Town kittypix!

Three Cats At The Oakland Cat Cafe Cat Town

These three (there’s another one back there) were the only ones moving around for quite a while.

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