Dog of the Day: Husky Mix

Just so you don’t think the corgis were the only ones being utterly manic and insane at CorgiCon.

Brindled Siberian Husky Mix Digging

This pup was pushing sand like nobody’s business. The corgis were trying, but with the shorter legs they just couldn’t keep up.

Brindled Siberian Husky Mix Grinning Madly

The coloration is all wrong for a husky, of course, but the ears and the tail and attitude are pretty ‘husky’.

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Double Dog Day: CorgiConGoers

These two seemed pretty excited.

Two Pembroke Welsh Corgis With Their Eyes Open Really Wide

My god, those eyes follow you all around the room.

Woman Taking Picture Of Two Pembroke Welsh Corgis

The only thing there were more of at CorgiCon than corgis were people taking pictures of corgis.

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Sunday Switchup: Proud Sea Dog

Another orkork (so named for the noise they make), for your delectation.

Proud Sea Lion

No idea why they like this pose so much, but they seem to.

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Adoptable Dog of the Day: Charlie the Terrier Mix

A friend of mine asked me to post Charlie. He’s up for adoption from Rocket Dog Rescue. His adoption page has a lot of information about his temperament (awesome) and availability (fully). But his foster mom, Tessa, sent me the story of how he was found and caught, and I thought it was adorable, so here it is:

My [Tessa’s] friend Amy Martin first saw Charlie at Evergreen Cemetery when she was there making a map of the cemetery for a cemetery maps zine she’s making. He’s named Charlie after the name on the grave she was sitting on when she saw him. She and I began going back to the cemetery every day with hotdogs to try to befriend him, but it was difficult because he was very shy and wouldn’t let anyone approach him. One of the cemetery caretakers told me that Charlie and another dog had been dumped at the cemetery a few months before, the other dog had since disappeared. Charlie was still there because they’d been leaving food and water out for him around the cemetery. He was covered in burrs and super dirty.
After a week of going to the cemetery and trying to befriend Charlie with hotdogs (which was working – he would come up and eat hotdogs if I was laying on the ground – but it was a slooooow process), we worked with Rocket Dog Rescue to trap him with a humane trap. When he came out of the cage at the Rocket Dog facility, we discovered that he is an incredibly sweet dog who has so, so much love to give. We’ve been fostering him for two weeks, and we’d keep him ourselves but can’t because of my health issues.

Tessa even made an adoption video for Charlie:

So there you have it: a spoooooky graveyard terror — I mean, terrier! — who will give you all the smooches.

Small White And Tan Terrier Mix In A Humane Trap

Doesn’t look too happy to be rescued, huh? Or at least, not yet.

White And Tan Terrier Mix In Red Flowers

Pictures from my friend’s back yard. Charlie seemed to like the flowers!

White And Tan Terrier Mix In Red Flowers

I can tell he’s looking forward to meeting one of my lucky readers! 🙂

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Dog of the Day: Tubby Stubby Corgi Puppy

I think we need something to cheer us up after yesterday, so get a load of this pup. Those big feets and thick but ever-so-stub-tacular legs. The huge-mongous ears. The raccoon mask. And the sheer roundness of this dog! A sausage in a fluffy blanket fresh out of the dryer.

Blue Merle Corgi

That tennis ball? That is a stolen tennis ball.

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Sad Dog News: Alas, Poor Rex

This is a terrible year for corgis. My two best corgi friends have passed away this year: first Tidus, and now Rex. They both lived pretty long lives: Tidus was nearly fifteen, and Rex was more than twelve. But it’s always terrible to see a friend go, especially one so good at making you laugh.

So here’s a previously-unreleased picture of Rex. Despite what it looks like in the picture, he was actually really enjoying his bath, and didn’t want it to end.

Here’s to you, Rex. You may not have always been a ‘good boy’, but you were always, always an awesome dog.

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Dog of the Day: “Big Head” Benny the Welsh Terrier

Sir Benedict Bruno Wu III (aka Big Head Benny) is 11 months old in these pictures, which means he’s just over a year now. He has new grown-up responsibilities, like maintaining his own Instagram site, Benny.The.Welshie.

(No way: is this the first Welsh terrier we’ve had? Awesome!)

Welsh Terrier Looking Serious

I always get the Welshes and the Irishes mixed up. Personal failing.

Welsh Terrier Looking Upwards

It was tough to get him to hold still, even with a treat.

Welsh Terrier Straining To Sit And Jump At The Same Time

This was Benny’s compromise between being a good boy and sitting and going after that delicious-smelling bacon.

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Dog of the Day: Coconut the Chihuahua Mix

Someone likes the local watering hole just as much as I do.

Man With Chihuahua Terrier Mix Cuddled In His Bomber Jacket

Gotta say, I love the hat.

Man With Chihuahua Terrier Mix Cuddled In His Bomber Jacket

Coconut was a wee bit chilly.


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Dog of the Day: Westie Mix

I used to be this photogenic. And then I somehow acquired a second chin, somewhere along the line.

West Highland White Terrier Mix Grinning

Whenever I look at Westies (or mixes like this) I think about vanilla ice cream.

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Dog of the Day: Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix

See? There were some non-corgis at the CorgiCon.

Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix Grinning On A Beach

There were SO MANY puppy smiles at CorgiCon.

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