Dog of the Day: Tiny Blepper Pug Puppy

Inky pool of dog-darkness, with one teensy little pink tongue!

Black Pug Puppy With His Tongue Just Slightly Out

I think I’ll start calling pugs ‘toe-lickers’.

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Dog of the Day: Boomer the Pomeranian

Despite appearances, Boomer was not happy to see me. Bummer!

Fluff Blond Pomeranian Grinning

No matter how small and innocent I made myself look, Boomer just wasn’t up for meeting me. Pomeranians are usually the most sociable of the little bitty breeds, too.

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Two-Thirds-Of-A-Cerberus Day

A two-headed dog with Marcel Marceau makeup.

“Now there,” he said, “Is something you don’t see every day.”

American Pit Bull Terrier Mixes

So what happens when they want to go in different directions?

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Dog of the Day: Chow

Somebody was not pleased to be at our local dog groomerie.

Chow About To Be Washed

Someone is about to halve in size.

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Sunday Switchup: The Lummox

Oh holy dear sweet mother of dog. It has been murder the last few days. Making arrangements to get the Lummox repaired (all minor-ish stuff, but some of it I really don’t want to leave without addressing. Like the broken in-dash air conditioning and the shower that leaks into the bedroom). Buying stuff to kit her out. Packing. Organizing all the computer-y stuff I have to take with me. (That by itself is a two-day job!) Performing promised repairs to Autumn’s laptop, which I couldn’t do before because I didn’t have the parts. Figuring out how I’m going to do my laundry while on the road.

Funny story about that last: I contacted Marathon about their new all-in-one washer/dryer, which I have heard cautiously optimistic things about. It turns out they’re right down the road from me, relatively speaking. It also turns out that their lead assembly technician is also an RV enthusiast and does contract work as an RV renovator, so I’m going to drop by their place with the Lummox and he’s going to see what it would take to install the thing. It would be ridiculously easy if it were only three inches narrower… but it still might be possible.

Anyway, in the midst of all that, my brother’s ecommerce web site search (which I had somewhat precariously set up myself) decided to stop working, and my landlord suddenly emailed and said that in 30 days they were going to tear out the garage for a few months to earthquake-retrofit, and I am actually somewhat surprised and please that I am not currently having a panic attack. It is probably because after driving the Lummox for 15 minutes I am immune to panic attacks.

So here she is. She’s roughly half the square footage of my apartment, but with much more usable storage space. And she’s much, much nicer than my apartment, which is grungy, has a carpet that is at least 25 years old, and hasn’t been redone since the place was built in the early 1970s. The Lummox has style. I am going to enjoy hanging out with her.

40 feet long. Terrifying that they let someone like me just buy something like this.

She has more switches than some small airplanes. And gauges! So many gauges! And many of the gauges show different things depending on what switch is thrown!

My apartment: two windows that open out onto air wells. No natural light worth mentioning. The Lummox? ALL THE WINDOWS.

Kind of wish the kitchen table folded into the wall. Not because I need the space for anything. Just because it would be AWESOME.

Love this feature: when you don’t need the burners, fold the countertop down over them and you have more counter space. The Lummox has more counter space than my apartment kitchen.

The bathroom is, for a nice change of pace, actually smaller than my apartment bathroom. But still much more convenient, and nicer. Also there is a separate stereo system, installed by the owners (not standard equipment), in the restroom. I am at a loss to explain this.

The shower is a lovely size. No bathtub — which believe it or not some of these have! — but I take maybe two baths a year anyway. I can do that while I’m at home.

My messy bed. In the background, mirrors, with me in them. And behind the mirrors, more storage space. There’s also a five-foot-long hanging closet, oodles of drawers and cabinets, three giant storage bays under the bus (plus one partial one), and one safe. A secret safe. So secret that its location is a secret FROM ME.

Not that it matters: I doubt I’d be able to open it, since I didn’t get the combination. But one step at a time.

Everything is carefully-made, the cabinets are tongue-in-groove (as I discovered because the glue cracked on one in the Los Angeles heat and it has fallen apart and I need to glue it back together). This is just an amazingly-designed and engineered machine. All she needs is about a ton of armor plate and a pair of turrets and she’d be the ultimate urban assault vehicle. (And extra points if you know what movie that’s a reference to without google.)

This gal went for $400,000 new. I can see why. It’s almost a crime what I got her for, and I intend to make sure that she’s treated less shabbily in the future. 😀

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Caturday Supplement: Tuxedo Cat

There’s a hang-y chair at KitTea that occasionally has a human in it… but that’s not the way to bet.

Black Cat Lying On White Fluffy Seat

Well, it is KitTea, after all… if it were called ‘HuMuns’ I’d expect the people to get first dibs.

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Dog of the Day: Bichon Frise Artist

Local artist makes good!

Bichon Frise Sitting In The Window Of An Art Gallery

I only see this pup like once a year.

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Dog of the Day: Firefox the Ultimate Mutt

Firefox has a little of everything! Definitely some husky in there, maybe some German shepherd, who knows what else. He is mellow and he is gorgeous and he is an accomplished traveller.

Husky Mix Lying Down

Those socks.

Husky Mix Looking Very Dubious

He has the full husky range of expressions.

Husky Mix Licking His Chops

Awesome bandana too.

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Dog of the Day: Husky Puppy

Posting from my phone, so no caption or hovertext today.

I saw this gorgeous pup at the SPCA. Clearly a purebred husky puppy. Bet that’s something they don’t see every day!

Siberian Husky Puppy Looking Melancholy

Oh look: mobile WordPress does captions now! Still no hovertext though.

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Dog of the Day: Frankie the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix

I took one look at Frankie and I went, “A German shepherd with greyhound ears!” And that’s pretty much what Frankie’s mom thinks she is. She also thinks she’s about two years old.

German Shepherd Greyhound Mix Sprawled Under A Table

I call this position the ‘tawl dawg sprawl™’. (Like it? I made it up just now!) 🙂

Portrait Of German Shepherd With Greyhound Ears

Frankie was not much interested in me. I think she was a little overwhelmed by her surroundings at Airbnb HQ (the same building Hipmunk is in.)


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