Dog of National Puppy Day: Chiyoko the Japanese Akita

Happy National Puppy Day, everyone! Even if it isn’t by the time you read this, trust me, you’ll be able to pretend after seeing Chiyoko (Chi/yoko, The Daughter of a Thousand Generations). These pictures were taken about a month ago, when she was three months old, literally the day after she arrived from Japan.

I sprinted stealthily across a street and down another one and then screeched to a halt and ‘casually’ walked up to the woman walking Chiyoko just as she was about to walk into her yard and close the gate behind her. I am so suave, me.

Adorable Tan And White Japanese Akita Inu Puppy

Repeated exposure does not make me any less inclined to squeal at the sight of Chiyoko.

Adorable Tan And White Japanese Akita Inu Puppy

Look at those feet.

Adorable Tan And White Japanese Akita Inu Puppy

If I had this dog I would not stop hugging her for days.

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Double Dog Day Before National Puppy Day: Tazman the Aussie-Doodle Puppy And Friend

Have I mentioned that tomorrow is National Puppy Day? No? Well, it is. And in honor of that, here’s a fuzzy wuzzy puppy (3 months old and rarin’ to go) and friend.

This is another in my ‘too-cute-to-caption’ series, I’m afraid. Even if some of them do cry out for a caption…

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Dog of the Day: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

A friend of mine and I played a ‘Real Escape Game’ over the weekend, based on the Legend of Zelda computer games. He was a big fan, whereas I had played them for maybe a total of two hours in my entire life. But we both still had a blast, even though we didn’t (quite!) win.

I made this (out of one of my old photos, though I don’t think I could find it on my site if you paid me) in honor of the occasion. I call it the ‘Tricolor Triforce.’

It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This Puppy

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Sunday Switchup: Chicago Visit

I went to Chicago for a trade show. The subject of the show wouldn’t interest people much (corporate travel and expense reporting, anyone?) but I stayed at a kind of neat hotel, the Virgin Hotel Chicago. (Yes, another Richard Branson project.) The rooms weren’t all that exciting, but…

Dog Statue In Hallway Of Virgin Hotel Chicago

… there was a dog statue in the hallway, complete (for some reason) with carefully-sculpted genitalia…

Red Dwarf Refrigerator

…and what might accurately be described as a red ‘dwarf refrigerator’ with the word ‘SMEG’ on it in prominent silver letters. This can’t be a coincidence.

And then on Thursday, after the trade show ended for the day, my CEO walked up to me and a fellow employee and said ‘hey, who is up for biking along the lake shore to tonight’s party?’ In South Chicago. In March. And I’ll tell you what, I’m sure there’s someone out there who could resist a challenge like that, but it wasn’t me.

Piling Covered With Icicles

For some reason there were two pilings and a pier structure that were wreathed in ice. Nothing else was. I have no idea why.

Weird Building With Giant Faces On It

And then there was this. I… uh… yeah.

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Caturday Supplement: Black Cat

I like black cats and I cannot lie/Especially ones with the golden eye!

Hey, I never said I was a cat-rapper.

Black Cat With Golden Eyes Looking At Camera

The eyes that the ‘cat’s eye’ gemstone was named after. So gorgeous.

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Dog of Chicago: Samoyed Puppy

I made it to Chicago! And I ran into a dog here! (Posting from mobile app so you will have to put up with more cute dog and less Adam. I hope you can cope.)

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Dog of the Day: Miniature Australian Shepherd

I’m traveling, or at least was supposed to be traveling. (Chicago seems to be having some wee bitty issues right at the moment.) So I’m sitting in an airport at the moment.

Fortunately, ‘Wag’ came by. They have cute little pups wandering through the airport so that people with flying anxiety can cuddle them and feel better. I do not have flying anxiety, I just have not-flying piss-off-edness. But it turns out that small fluffy pups help with that too.


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Latte Switchup: Dogs in the Workplace

In addition to dogs now being allowed in my workplace, the building I work in (the AirBnB building) has a little coffee stand, at which works the most talented latte artist I have ever met. And I don’t just say that because a lot of her artwork centers around one of my favorite subjects.

You should really check out her Instagram page. Also, she does parties and events. Just sayin’.

Latte Art Corgi By Melaquino

Here we have the elusive ‘coffee-corg’.

Border Collie Latte Art By Melaquino

And this is a border coffee. Of course.

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Caturday Supplement: Black Kitty And Tuxedo


Two Cats Near A Window

These two had a nice little discussion.

Cat Near A Window

The fluffy one won two falls out of three.

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Dog of the Day: Louie the Great Pyrenees

Louie was (mis-spellingly) named after Louis XIV, who had a ‘great’ deal to do with the Pyrenees. The court of Louis XIV was infatuated with the breed, which up until then was sort of thought of as a peasant dog.

Louie is 3, and was recently rescued by his owner. I don’t know what kind of situation he came from, but he is very nervous around people. The shirt he’s wearing is a Thundershirt, which I’ve mentioned before and which apparently helps a huge amount. (And which by the way I do not get paid to mention! I just think they’re awesome.)

Great Pyrenees In A Thundershirt

I hear Louie is making a lot of progress. I bet the next time I run into him, he’ll be happy to let me pet him.

Great Pyrenees In A Thundershirt

I don’t know quite how this picture happened, but I kind of like the fuzziness.

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