Dog of the Day: Orson the Newfoundland Dog

If last Friday wasn’t enough Newfie for you, how’s about Orson? Named of course after that famous theatrical personality, Orson from Mork & Mindy.

I kid, I kid. He is, of course, named after the similarly solemn and noble Orson Welles.

Black Newfoundland Dog, Sitting And Drooling

You just to hug him, don’t you? Admit it. You do. Drool or no drool.

Black Newfoundland Dog, Sitting And Drooling

Well, eat your heart out, because I got to! 😀

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Pack-Bear of the Day: Brown Newfoundland Dog

I wonder what they would have thought in the Old West if they’d seen this fella tied up to a hitchin’ post outside of a sa-loon.

Brown Newfoundland Dog With Pack And Very Blank Stare

Well, they do say that dogs are originally descended from ‘pack animals’.

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Dog of the Day: Deflated Labrador Retriever

Nanananananananana… BART DOG!

Yellow Labrador Retriever Looks Out The Open Doors Of BART Train

This pup stood up every time the doors opened in the hope someone would come in and pet him.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Lying Somewhat Deflated On The Floor

And this is what happened if nobody did.

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Dog of the Day: German Shepherd

Poor pup. Abandoned alone outside of a store for (at the time I took this picture) almost a whole minute. The pathos!

German Shepherd Sitting In Front Of Trash Bins

The green bin is compost, usually mostly food scraps. No wonder he looks so sad… all those delicious smells, but the lid is closed and locked!

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Dog of the Day: Payton the Australian Shepherd

I hear Payton (boy, 9 years old) has some obscure sports figure named after him.

Why the goggles, you ask? Funny thing: it seems that Payton has a skin disease that is turning all the fur on his head white. It didn’t use to be at all. Many dogs piebald dogs, and also many of those who are born entirely white or with entirely white heads, have vision problems or (sometimes) are entirely blind, and it seems that Payton is developing some of those vision problems himself, even though he only started gradually getting the white fur over the last few years. I’d never heard of this before, but I saw before-and-after pictures and they’re very dramatic. Weird!

Happily, it seems that he’s able to see in normal light okay, and that the googles help a lot, out in direct sunlight. He didn’t seem to have any trouble seeing me.

Australian Shepherd In Ski Goggles

It wasn’t hard to get Payton to look at me. It was hard to keep Payton looking at me, when mom and dad had bacon on their plates.

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Dog of the Day: Bird Dog

Bird dog both for the shop window that I always see her in and for the ears, which make her look like she might fly away if she weren’t so sad.

Brindled Pit Bull Mix In The Window Of Bird Records On Polk Street San Francisco

They’re right near me. They’ve been around for ages, but only very recently got any interest from me. You can probably imagine why.

Brindled Pit Bull Mix In A Shop Window Looking Sad

She always looks so utterly defeated. You just want to go inside and hug her and tell her everything is going to be all right.

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Caturday Supplement: Tuxedo Junction

Someone wasn’t entirely sure he liked me watching him sleep. (See below for the appropriate musical accompaniment.)

Tuxedo Cat Curled In A Cat Bed

I firmly believe that my life would be wonderful if I could only be as comfy in any position as a cat can.

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Double Dog Day: Vicious Guard Chihuahuas

These two were completely set on keeping me from bothering mom, no matter how loud they had to be in order to do it.

Two Chihuahuas Looking Sternly Out The Window  Of A Car

I wonder if they’ve ever heard of the phrase ‘kind of defeats the purpose’.

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Dog of the Day: Chihuahua Mix In A Sling Bag

I have no idea who this guy is or what he’s mixed with, but he’s cute! Also I seem to recall he helps mom at work.

Chihuahua Mix In A Sling-Bag

I think we could all use a pocket-sized assistant, couldn’t we?

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Dog of the Day: Mellow Little Corgi

Might as well have another bespectacled pooch, huh? This little gal was at CorgiCon, and was surprisingly laid back for her breed (and I think she might have been rather young to boot). And she had the sunglasses on for the entire time I was watching her, and didn’t seem at all inclined to remove them. Maybe it really was a little too bright out there for her.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi With Hawaiian Shirt And Sunglasses

Is it just me or does her shadow look like a bison in a very strange position?

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