Double Dog Day: Boston Terriers

Not really entirely a double dog day, since the back one is kind of blurry. Maybe a dog and a half?

Oh man I ran into an old friend today! I saw this dog and I thought she was adorable but it wasn’t until mom said she thought I might have taken pictures of her before when it clicked. It was back in 2012, around August. Four and a half years ago! But I even told her mom what street corner I ran into her on, and then when I went back and checked after I got home, sure enough, it was that exact corner.

And y’know what? I am not going to say that she remembered me too. But when I kneeled down and said hello to her she came right over, licked me all over my face, and put her paws on my shoulders. And her mom asked me if I had been rolling in bacon or something, so apparently she doesn’t do that for ALL the guys.

I feel blessed somehow. Like Dog came to me and told me that everything was going to be all right. 🙂

Two Black And White Boston Terriers Wearing Red Jackets

It’s been a bit chilly in SF. Not what other people consider ‘cold’, but well into the high 40s some days. And that makes some dogs quite uncomfortable. Thus, coats.

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Doggievent: Dog Film Festival

So, who wants to meet me at the Dog Film Festival San Francisco? Sunday, February 19th, Roxie Theatre. Just a few days before my birthday, too!

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Dog of the Day: Capped Austin

In honor of yesterday, National Hat Day, have a picture of Austin looking awesome.

Brindled Dog Wearing A Black Leather Flat Cap

It goes really well with both him and the sofa.

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Caturday Supplement: Black Nose Trading Co Store Cat

I was walking down Divisadero one fine morning and found a couple people crouched in front of the door to a store. Naturally, being an inquisitive sort, I stopped to see what was going on. At which point one of them said, “Go, save yourself! It’s already got us!”

Well, ‘it’ was the store kitty for a pet supplies shop called ‘Black Nose Trading Co’, and he (they said they thought he was a boy named something-‘worth’ or something-‘worthy’) was standing in front of the mail slot for the not-yet-open shop and demanding to be petted. Loudly and insistently. And once you started, he made it very, very clear that he did NOT want you to stop.

Man Petting Cat Through Mail Slot Of Door

Purrs vibrating the door.

Cat Leg Reaching Through Mail Slot For Man's Hand

This is what happened when you tried to stop petting him. Complete with razor-sharp claws.

Cat Peering Through Mail Slot Of Door

Sad kitty-face. Nobody petting him right at that moment.

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Dog of the Day: Wet Wheaten?

I don’t really know what breed this pup is, but he sure doesn’t look happy.

Shorn Pup

Someone must have gotten into something awful, or gotten terribly matted.

Half-Shorn Pup

Wags won’t shear pups like this without a pretty good reason.

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Dog of the Day: Potato the American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Puppy

What is Potato mixed with? I can’t even begin to guess. But it must be something big, because wow! At 4 months? That’s one super-sized Potato!

Pit Bull Mix Puppy With Puppydog Eyes From Hell

That expression. Plus that little bit of pink nose. Plus the pink-and-black puppy lips. Oh god I am in love.

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Dog of the Day: Austin the Amazing Goofball

So I spent a week dogsitting for Austin (8!) over Christmas break. And even though I was sick for pretty much the entire time, I still had a blast. (I was mostly recovered the last couple of days, as you’ll see.)

You’d never know Austin was 8. He spent a fair bit of time resting while I was there, but probably less in total than I did. And he managed well over seven miles in one day, including a five mile hike that went up and down a bunch of hills and ultimately up to the top of Tank Hill. And as soon as we got to the top, he immediately decided that leaping around and playing tug-of-war with his leash was high on his agenda. I was winded. Him? Not so much. Nor was he at all fazed the next day.

Oh, did I mention he’s really well trained? When you tell him to heel he mostly actually pays attention and walks next to you and if he gets distracted it’s usually only for a second or two?

In short: Austin is Awesome!

Brindled Hound With Yellow Squeaky Ball

He loved fetch, and was actually very good about bringing the ball back and even letting me have it. As long as I asked nicely.

Brindled Hound Scratching Himself

More experiments with Live Photos.

Brindled Hound Looking Out At Pretty View Of Downtown San Francisco

This is from the top of Tank Hill. I’d never been up there before.

Brindled Hound Sitting In Front Of A Pretty View Of Downtown San Francisco

Where I *really* wanted to go was up Twin Peaks with him, but the cold just didn’t quit in time.

Upside Down Dog With Sagging Lip

Dog lips are endlessly fascinating.

Brindled Hound Curled Up On A Sofa And Looking At The Camera

This was his default reaction whenever I wasn’t playing with him. Curl up and look just a tiny bit sulky.

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Dog of the Day: Dom the Pomeranian Husky Mix Puppy

Well, another day goes by without me posting that pup I keep meaning to post. My excuse this time is that I’m trying to find a way to post some live photos, because there are a couple of him that are totally adorable, but the way I did it last time each photo can take upwards of an hour, and they can’t be trimmed or edited in any way, which is also a bit of a dealbreaker. I’m trying out a Google iPhone app that supposedly will do what I want… maybe? We’ll see.

In any case, in the mean time, I trust that Dom will tide you over. Dom is a 10-month-old Pomeranian Siberian Husky mix puppy with a whole lot of attitude and a very, very striking appearance.

Black Pomeranian Husky Puppy Looking Happy And Adorable

I honestly had no idea what Dom was. I’ve never seen a black ‘pomsky’ before.

Pomeranian Husky Mix Puppy Looking Utterly Hilariously Freaked Out

Okay, this might be my favorite dog expression in quite some time.

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Dog of the Day: Golden Reindeer

Today was SUPPOSED to be pictures of an adorable dog that I dogsat while I was on vacation/sick. Except I had a wee bit of trouble importing the pictures. Sigh. I did finally get them, but now I don’t have time to edit them. So have a couple of pictures of one of Autumn’s family’s awesome golden retrievers with a nearly-equally-awesome hat.

From zero last year, I have gone to having three benefits-related debit cards this year. Three. Am I alone in thinking that this sort of thing is starting to get just a wee bit ridiculous?

Golden Retriever Wearing Silly Christmas Hat

Yes, those are earholes. But we didn’t manage to get the floppy golden retriever ears through them. Alas.

Woman Playing With Golden Retriever

This looks mean, but it is actually the kind of thing this dog enjoys most. SUCH a goof.

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Sunday Switchup: Crow and Sparrow

I like crows. They’re smart, they’re raucous, they know how to enjoy themselves, and they’re better than I am at remembering a face. That makes them okay in my book.

I also kind of like this picture. I could have done without the mailbox, though.

Picture Of Crow And Sailboat Named Sparrow

Can’t see the sparrow? Look closer.

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