Dog of the Day: Hunter the Shiba Inu

Hunter (7) was clearly a mean, nasty, vicious guard dog. You can see it in the firm set of his jaw, his squinty glare, his alert ears…

Edit: God I’m horrible. Somehow I forgot to push publish AGAIN.

Shiba Inu Looking Very Tough

…that adorable curly tail…

Shiba Inu Licking His Nose

Hunter was one of my favorite kinds of dogs. The kind where his folks say ‘Oh he’s not very friendly, he… oh… he likes you!’

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Dog of the Day After Birthday: Karly the Australian Labradoodle

Argh. I forgot to hit ‘post’ yesterday, after I wrote this up and everything. And it was important for me to post Karly yesterday. Why? Because yesterday was Karly’s first birthday!

I am SUCH a bad person.

Karly is SUCH a good dog.

Australian Labradoodle With A Goatee

I had a coworker named Karly at Hipmunk, for quite a while. Not spelled quite that way, but close enough.

Australian Labradoodle With A Goatee

Of course, Carley didn’t have quite such a magnificent goatee.

Two People Staring At A Labradoodle

My coworkers were quite taken with Karly too.

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Dog of the Day: Big Goofy Foofly Floofhound

I don’t have any notes for this pooch, but I think she might be a Bernadoodle.

Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle Mix With A Little Bow In Her Hair

Look at the paws. I wonder if she was still a puppy? They’re so HUGE!

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Caturday-On-Bunday Supplement

I was bad again, and didn’t post any kitties yesterday, so here’s one today.

Black Cat Staring Into Camera

This kitten was up for adoption at the SPCA. Fortunately, she was adopted before Halloween season, because black cats that get adopted during Halloween season tend to come back.

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Dog of the Day: English Pointer

Another Wags dog. We haven’t had many English setters at all, so I was delighted to spot such a fine example.

English Setter On Grooming Bench

So dignified! Apart from the very slight walleye.


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Dog of the Day: Tresska the Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy

So I’m a little confused. This is the pup of a coworker of mine, and I posted some pictures of her before. But last time I had her name down as Katie, but this time I have her as Tresska. Well, one of those two, I’m sure!

Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy Lying Down

Yes, she’s just six months old. Tiny, isn’t she?

Rhodesian Ridgeback Staring Into Camera

Such lovely eyes.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Grinning At The Camera

Whatever her name is, she’s very popular. And usually quite well-behaved.

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Dog of the Day: Polite Greyhound

This pup was hanging out outside Sightglass Coffee, waiting for mom or dad to come back out and greeting everyone who went by very politely, as you can see.

Greyhound Either Play-Bowing Or Stretching

I wonder if greyhounds have to stretch more often than other dogs?

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Bay Area Pet News: Yappy Hour at the Brixton San Francisco

The Brixton on Second┬áin San Francisco, a new location of a neat little place, will be having a ‘Yappy Hour’ this coming Friday from 4 to 7, in honor of ‘World Animal Day’. Their patio will be reserved, and they’ll be donating 10% of the proceeds to the SF SPCA.

I’ll be there. If you’re in SF with your pup, drop by and let me take some pictures!

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Dog of the Day: Banjo the “60% Unknown By Weight And Volume”

Banjo is 7, and was rescued from the streets of Taiwan when he was just a pup. Some settling must have occurred in shipping, because he has almost no legs! (Or maybe he’s just a corgi mix?) His folks had him DNA tested which said that he had some chow (which I’m not sure about: usually chow mixes even a couple generations back have purple spots on their tongues). But it also said that he was 60% ‘unknown’. I think I’m going to have to go with corgi plus collie, because of the coloration. Could be some golden in there too, but then where does that sable come from?

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix Grinning

Corgi cheer, certainly.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix Giving Side-Eye

And a bit of the corgi ‘tude, too.

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Caturday Supplement: Zencat

For some, every day is caturday.

Cat Napping In A Glass Box

What is the sound of one cat napping?

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