Puppy of the Day: Bandit the Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever

I ran into Bandit (9 months, male) while I was cat-sitting. Specifically, I was taking out the trash, and Bandit’s parents were breaking into an apartment in the same building.

I felt like I ought to get involved. So I told them I wouldn’t call the police if I could take some pictures of their dog. This worked out great for all concerned. Including Bandit, who likes petting as much as the next dog.

And yes all of that is literally true. I mean sure it was their apartment they were breaking into, but so what? I got dog pictures and Bandit got petting and that’s all that really matters. Oh and I guess they got back into their own apartment which might matter to them. And to Bandit, since he got to have lunch.

Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever Puppy
If Bandit’s folks get kicked out for breaking into their own apartment, I’m pretty sure that he could support them as a dog fashion model. He is amazingly photogenic.
Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever Puppy
This is only our second-ever Toller puppy. Finn was our first, but his pictures didn’t come out nearly as well.
Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever Puppy
I didn’t even have any treats on me. He just looks at you like this until you hug him.
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Puppy of the Day: Finn the Havanese

Finn (male, 4 months old) has a mom who loves him very much indeed.

Woman Holding Havanese Puppy
They even match!
Woman Holding Havanese Puppy
I miss Finn. Come back here, Finn, I want to pet you some more!
Woman Holding Havanese Puppy Who Is Licking Her Face
Especially because she gives such cute kisses.
Woman Holding Havanese Puppy
Four months old and already able to wrap her tongue around her own nose. Talent!
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Puppy of the Day: Turtle the Miniature Australian Shepherd

Turtle, also known as TurtleyAussie on her Instagram which is INEXPLICABLY PRIVATE HOW CAN THIS BE PERMITTED, was 9 weeks old when I took this picture. So young that she was waiting outside with her mom to get vaccinated for puppy rot and all of those other horrible things. I couldn’t even pet her because I had just finished petting roughly one point two million dogs. And thus I am very sorry about the quality of this picture but hopefully I will run into her again soon and in the mean time how could I possibly NOT post this picture?

Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy In A Dog Carrier
If your heart has not melted at this point I think you’re going to need to go find another blog.
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Puppy of the Day: Millie the Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppy

I have TOO MANY PUPPIES! So PUPPY WEEK MUST CONTINUE! And on that note, met Millie, the 9 month old Welsh springer spaniel.

Yeah, I thought you wouldn’t object.

PS: Wait no way. Millie is our first Welsh springer spaniel? How did that happen? Ten years plus and I keep running across new breeds!

Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppy Grinning
I wish the background blur thing had worked in this picture because I just adore everything about Millie’s pose and expression.
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Caturday Supplement: Frankie Encore

Because I just had to post another couple of Frankie pictures, since she was such an amazingly sweet and pretty kitty. I swear, half an hour in a room with her and even the most devout of cat-haters would be a convert.

Tortoiseshell Cat Lying On A Bed
She’s a talker, though. Wake up in the middle of the night and let her know you’re awake and she’ll let you know that it’s time to pet the kitty.
Tortoiseshell Cat With Very Dilated Pupils Lying On A Bed
I’m sure some people would have been less than thrilled, but I was like, ‘ooh, it’s 3 AM, KITTY PETTING TIME!’
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Extra! Extra! Extra Dog, Extra Day: Nymeria the Malamute Mix

When I found out that today was Nymeria’s 8th birthday, I told her owner that I’d definitely have to post some pictures today in honor of her ridiculous floofiness and amazing gorgiousity! Isn’t she pretty?

Fluffy Grey And White Alaskan Malamute Mix
I am having a lot of trouble guessing what Nymeria is mixed with.
Fluffy Grey And White Alaskan Malamute Mix
A first for me: she seemed super happy but didn’t have the giant malamute grin I’m so used to seeing.
Fluffy Grey And White Alaskan Malamute Mix Sticking Her Nose Into The Camera
Schnozz Shot!

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Puppy of the Day: Daisy the (Yes She’s A) Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle Mix Puppy

Seriously, I didn’t even know bernadoodles came in platinum blond! Apparently, though, they do, at least as of 7 months ago, when Daisy was born.

White Bernadoodle With Fluffy Hair
Also yes, she really is only seven months old. And she is LARGE.
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Puppy of the Day: Sadie the Shetland Sheepdog Puppy

Sadie (six months old) is an amazing representative of a pretty amazing breed. Teeeeensy little herding dogs, even littler than corgis, although perhaps not quite as low to the ground.

Sheltie Puppy Looking Cute And Fluffy
Micro-collie to the rescue! (Rescute?)
Sheltie Puppy With Her Head Turned To The Side
Like I said: amazingly pointy.

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Puppy of the Day: Scout the Miniature Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle Mix

Scout is four months old, and full of energy and a great desire to lick anyone or anything that gets in his way. Or gets anywhere near his way. Or doesn’t but looks like it might be thinking about getting near his way at some indefinable future date.

Fluffy Bernadoodle Puppy Grinning
Scout’s mom has an instagram, #laurieblessen. It’s mostly her art, but it has a few amazingly adorable puppy pictures in it!
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Puppy of the Day: Bob the Cocker Spaniel Poodle Mix

Bob is a six-month-old cockapoo, that most unfortunate of dog breed names, but he doesn’t seem to mind. And of course he doesn’t, because who would care about their breed name when they have such an awesome personal name as BOBBO THE DOGGO! (And no, he is not this Bobbo the Doggo, who is three years older and from Manchester, England.)

Cockapoo Puppy With An Amazing Goatee
That goatee! Almost makes me want to grow one.
Cockapoo Puppy Sticking His Nose Into The Camera
Haven’t had a puppy schnozz shot in ages!
Cockapoo Lying On His Back And Begging For Belly Rubs
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