Dog of the Day: Preview Pup

Consider this a preview of things to come.

Woman Cuddling Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I almost never do indoor photography. Occasionally the event makes it worthwhile.

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Dog of the Day: Tilly the Chihuahua

Yes, Tilly’s face is stuck like that. Perhaps this is an object lesson you could use with your children?

Chihuahua With Tongue Hanging Out Of Mouth

I keep thinking, ‘doesn’t your tongue get all dry?’ When I sleep with my mouth open it’s just… ew.

Chihuahua With Tongue Hanging Out Of Mouth

Tilly is twelve, and still rarin’ to go.

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Double Dog Day: Macy’s Window Puppies

Remember, Macy’s window isn’t just for kittens!

Two Sleeping Jack Russell Terrier Mix Puppies

Jack Russell mixes maybe? Gotta love the spotty puppybelly.

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ANNOUNCEMENT #2: Get Your Dog’s Picture Taken With Santa

So there’s something else going on at Macy’s in San Francisco, but it’s this Thursday only: get your dog’s picture taken with Santa, mingle with Tuna, a dog of whom I was previously not aware but who seems nice, and just generally get into the holiday spirit and/or holiday spirits. It’s 5 to 8 on Thursday the 8th, with Tuna being there from 6 to 7:30. Tickets are $45 and include up to two humans and up to two dogs, and all of the proceeds go to the San Francisco SPCA. See the above link for more details.

Brown Chihuahua/Papillon Mix With Hilarious Underbite

This is not Tuna, but I feel like their underbites are similar.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Macy’s Kitten Cuddle Booth OPEN Through January 1!

I have two announcements today. So that they both go out on twitter separately, I am going to be posting them separately.

You know San Francisco Macy’s? Sure you do, since it’s the one with the windows that I get a bunch of my kitten and puppy pictures from around the holidays. Well, they now have a booth you can go into and cuddle kittens! It’s open from 12 to 2 PM, and again from 5 to 7 PM, for a suggested donation of $10. (Not sure if that’s per person or per family.)

They are on the 7th floor of Macy’s, in the holiday area. Here is a sample of what you can find if you go in there.

Two Kittens Investigating The Photographer's Right Sneaker

At one point I had all three of the kittens playing with my shoelaces, but the all- black one decided his sister’s tail was more entertaining, and she lit out for safer territories, aka my upper thigh.

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Dog of the Day: Sancho Panza the Basset Hound Lab Mix and Friend

I’m really not sure who Sancho’s friend is… I was too busy admiring His Longitude and his retinue. Sancho is 8, and has still shown absolutely no signs of getting any less long.

Boxer Looking Completely Insane Next To Basset Hound Labrador Retriever Mix Looking Cool And Collected


Basset Hound Labrador Retriever Mix Looking Sad

It must be the basset that makes him so good at the woebegone dog look.

Basset Hound Labrador Retriever Mix Looking Exalted

He has a very broad range of expressions, doesn’t he?


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Sunday Switchup: How Much For THAT Doggie?

I’m guessing that the adoption fee for this one is rather more than for the ones in the Macy’s window.

Pretty Clockwork-Looking Dog In Window Of Shop

Plus he’s less cuddly, less fun, and not nearly as warm in case of heating emergencies.

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Caturday Supplement: Macy’s Window Kitties

I was meaning to stop by Macy’s to get some more window kitten pictures today, but things happened and other things didn’t. Fortunately I have a bit of back stock.

Two Kittens In A Macy's Window Display Grooming Themselves

Grooming is serious business when you’re a kitten. And seriously adorable.

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Dog of the Day: Tilly the Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Just to round out a week of astonishing cute, here’s Tilly, the six-month-old Berner. She has an Instagram. You know what to do.

So I’m not saying I had a really good Thanksgiving break. I’m just saying that every single dog picture I have posted this week was taken last Thursday or Friday. You can be the judge.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Giving Puppydog Eyes

Tillie has a refreshingly direct way of letting you know what she wants.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Giving Puppydog Eyes

And what she wants is cuddles. LOTS of cuddles. (Plus: note Tilly still has puppy fro. Yay!)

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Giving Puppydog Eyes

She wasn’t getting her cuddles. Can you believe that?

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Giving Puppydog Eyes

If you’re wondering whether there was a treat involved in her amazing focus, you are a very perceptive person.

Man Petting Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Yes, that is my brother. In a Hipmunk hoodie. With ears. And flying goggles.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Getting Belly Rub

Smugdog. Bellyrubdog.

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Dog of the Day: Franklin the 13-Week-Old Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

So it’s probably worth noting that I ran into more than one puppy on the same day I ran into Winston (and Pepper). And that although Franklin here is within a week of the same age as Winston, he’s like six times his size already. It is hard to say which one is cuddlier but I’m going to have to go with “whichever one happens to be in front of me right at the moment.”

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

He was playing with another dog when I got there, but I didn’t get any good shots of the two of them together. But that’s what the ‘frame’ here is.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy With Puppydog Eyes

The eyes. Help help. My heart.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Lesson #209 for Adam: it’s not enough to make sure that your subject and your background both aren’t in direct sunlight. You also have to make sure your camera isn’t in direct sunlight. Bah.

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