Sunday Switchup: Funny Hat



Found in the Goorin Brothers hat store in North Beach. A very, very subtle misdirection: in case you were deceived, that is in fact an ice bucket, not a fedora.

Funny Sign

Anyone else think it’s funny? No? Oh well.

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Caturday Supplement: Cats And Dogs, Living Together…

These two were actually great friends, from what I could tell. I think perhaps this was partly the result of the dog knowing just how much he was outclassed by a cat who outweighed him.

Dog And Cat

What a gorgeous cat. And the dog looks like a teeny tiny Labrador retriever.

Dog And Cat At Park

Apparently they like to go out to parks and sniff around. Hey, who am I to judge?

Cat And Dog

I just adore that coloration, especially the stripes.

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Dog of the Day: Slurpee the Old English Sheepdog

Wow, that’s some fur!

Very Very Shaggy Old English Sheepdog

Look at those feet. They almost look like hooves!

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Dog of the Day: Spazz the Japanese Spitz

He’s not a Spazz! Well… a bit. Maybe. Sometimes. But I’m sure he’ll settle down when he turns 2! (He’s 5 now.) Uh, when he turns 6!

Spazz is the first Japanese spitz I’ve posted! I’ve run into one or two before, but they’re murder to photograph in the sun. Even with these, most of them washed out in places. Oh well. He’s cute enough to excuse it.

Japanese Spitz Sitting And Grinning

I thought Spazz was an American Eskimo, but he’s actually a Japanese spitz. I’ve made that mistake before.

Japanese Spitz Grinning With Eyes Closed And Kawaii Expression

I gather the Japanese spitzes are a little smaller.

Woman Playing With Tail Of  Grinning Japanese Spitz

This was an attempt to make him sit back down. It succeeded, for nearly 8 seconds.

Grinning Japanese Spitz With Giant Poofly Tail

People keep saying ‘manic’ like it’s a bad thing. I’d give a lot to be that manic sometimes. :-)

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Double Dog Day: Two Siberian Huskies

Ran into these two for the first time a couple of mornings ago. They look very… intense, don’t they?

One White Husky With Blue Eyes And One Black And White Husky With Blue Eyes

An impressive pair. Shall we take a closer look?

White Husky With Blue Eyes And One Little Drop Of Drool

I love the one little drop of drool.

Black And White Husky Sticking His Tongue Out

Majestic. Simply majestic.

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Dog of the Day: Moxie the Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix

I was walking down the street this weekend, and I saw a floofy gold-and-white lump under someone’s bench, so naturally I said, “Ooh, what kind of dog is that!” And the dog’s owner said, “Hey, I know you, you’re that dog blog guy! And you took a bunch of pictures of my Moxie here last year and you never posted any of them!” And I was like, “Oh my God I am such a horrible person.” All the while wondering how I could possibly have not posted any pictures I had of such an amazingly distinctive and awesome dog.

Moxie wasn’t any too happy with me either. I hear she always has a big canine grin, but she didn’t grin at me one little bit! Still cute, though.

So this evening I went through my pictures, and wouldn’t you know it, I did have a bunch of pictures of Moxie, but they’d been moved from the ‘to be edited’ folder to the ‘too blurry to post, too cute to discard’ folder. Poor Moxie was a victim of her own happiness… she never slowed down for long enough for me to get a clear shot. Fortunately, I got a few of her this time, and I’ll post one of the blurry ones so that you can see what her grin looks like. Kinda.

Anyway, if these pictures aren’t enough, she has an instagram account, MoxieSays.

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix Dog

The coat colors remind me of a Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever, but the markings are totally different.

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix Dog

Except she’s a lot bigger than a toller. As big as most dogs I’d guess she’d have been mixed with.

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix Dog Looking Soulful

I just realized, she doesn’t look like she has an especially large ‘Occipital protuberance’ (i.e. a big bump on top of her head). That’d be a bit of evidence against her being a half-golden.

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix Dog Looking Soulful

I dunno, those ears are such golden ears, though.

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix Dog

This is probably the least blurry picture I got last year. Hey, it was cloudy! (1/30 of a second shutter speed.)

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Sunday Switchup: New Apple Store

Well, it’s the talk of the town. I went and checked it out on opening day, more because it was only four blocks out of my way than because I really needed to go… after all, I jog past that corner three days a week or so. (I take various routes.)

What do I think? Well, it’s… fine. It’s nice, I guess. I don’t know, I must be getting old, I kind of like the kinds of stores where there are lots of little nooks and crannies and places you can hide from the ever-so-helpful salespeople if you want to.

You know what I did like? The little courtyard in back. Complete with tables and chairs and 24/7 free internet access and a huge vertical garden. And the old fountain that Apple was going to tear out until a bunch of us complained and they changed their plan. They’re going to have concerts there too.

Oh, also, I must admit, I also like the expanded genius bar. Despite being a software engineer and having worked at Apple, I still use it sometimes, and it’ll be nice to have less of a wait.

Sky Apples

If you catch the right angle you can see the sky in the Apple symbol.

Apple's Green Wall In San Francisco

They call these ‘green walls’ or ‘vertical gardens’. This one is huge. And will be gorgeous once it’s done growing in.

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Caturday Supplement: Jungle Cat!

The outdoor cats of San Francisco are a skittish lot, for the most part. This one was definitely no exception.

Cat Hiding In Long Grass

Some pretty good camouflage, really.

Cat Lying On Concrete

Those eyes.

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Dog of the Day: Kodak the Leonberger Puppy

Closing out the week with another little bundle of cute. No, wait, this is a BIG bundle of cute. I was walking along behind him and thinking, “Man, that’s a fluffy… hey… is that a German shepherd puppy? Can’t believe he’s that fluffy, and his ears aren’t even up yet but he’s that big, how could…” And then I figured out what he was, about the time I caught up, and I exclaimed out loud, “Wow, is that a Leonberger puppy?” The owners were definitely somewhat surprised that anyone could identify him.

I am pretty smug about that, actually. If I’ve learned nothing else from running this blog, I’ve acquired a pretty damn good working knowledge of dog breeds, and the exact snuggliness of each one.

Smiling Leonberger Puppy

Yes, his fur is just as soft as you think it is.

Leonberger Puppy Looking Plaintive

The black mask is amazing. What other breeds have these?

Sitting Leonberger Puppy

Kodak is 3 months old. And already this big. Jeez.

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Dog of the Day: Walter the 3-Month-Old Boston Terrier Puppy

Alas, as all good things do, Corgi Week has come to an end. But fear not, dear reader, I know that you need to be let down gently from such a height of cuteness, lest you plummet into serious emotional distress. And so I feel I should introduce Walter.

This is the third Walter we’ve had on the blog, and the other two were both corgis. However, this guy is holding up his end of the bargain in the cute department, though admittedly he’s employing certain artificial beauty enhancements…

Brown And White Boston Terrier Puppy With Ears Taped Up

Ear-tape. So his ears stand up. I’ve never seen the self-adhesive kind. It’s pretty hilarious.

Brown And White Boston Terrier Puppy With Ears Taped Up

Taking pictures in bright sunlight more or less requires HDR, but HDR more or less requires a stationary subject. Sometimes you just get lucky.

Brown And White Boston Terrier Puppy Smiling

And sometimes you don’t, but it’s too good not to post anyway.

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