Dog of the Day: Agnes the German Shepherd Mix Puppy

Agnes is four months old. Her folks are fostering her for Copper’s Dream Rescue, but they told me that they might just ‘foster fail’. And really, who can blame them, even if Agnes did get a weeee bit dirty around those little feetses.

No captions or hovertext today; too many cute pictures!

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Dog of the Day: Nemo the Helpful Golden Retriever

I saw Nemo’s dad come out of my local grocery store, where Nemo was tied up outside. Dad untied him and then started rooting around in his grocery bag, and I was expecting the dog treats to come out, but nope! It turns out that Nemo is very proud of his ability to help dad bring home the groceries.

Golden Retriever Carrying A Loaf Of Bread
Golden retrievers have ‘soft mouths’. I bet the bread isn’t even squished when it gets home.
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Caturday Supplement: Num (‘Noom’) the Bhutanese Kitty

I just ran into Num (5-ish) today, when she and her friend were wandering around Pacific Heights. It turns out the woman with Num was just cat-sitting for a while. Num is used to going out for walks every day, and has been since she was a kitten, so she took her out to Lafayette Park for some playtime.

Num has another awesome story associated with her, too, though. It seems that her mom was traveling in Bhutan five years ago. She was indoors in the evening, and heard some commotion outside. She opened the door, and a kitten streaked inside. Mom shut the door just in time to keep the wild dogs who were after her from getting in. And they’ve been partners ever since.

Woman Holding Marmalade Tiger Tabby
That’s a cat carrier on her back, but apparently Num is quite well-behaved and does not try to escape on her walks.
Woman Holding Scowling Marmalade Tiger Tabby
It’s so hard for people to read cat expressions. That’s actually a friendly one. Ears forward but not fully pointing toward me, and eyes half clozed, saying ‘I’m comfortable enough that I don’t have to pay all my attention to you.’
Woman Holding Marmalade Tiger Tabby Cat On City Street
I spent more time petting the kitty than I did photographing her. Which is as it should be.
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Dog of the Day: Ryker the Sixteen Year Old Black And Tan Virginia Foxhound?

No idea what Ryker is named after. I should have asked. But I do know that he’s sixteen whole years old! He is a little bit stiff — and boy, do I know that feeling, given my shoulder bursitis — but he still gets around okay. (Also seems to have better eyesight than I do. Bah.)

His dad told me he was a ‘black and tan’ and I may have been a little hasty in filling in ‘coonhound’, but that’s what it says in my notes. Looking at him, though, he looks a lot closer to a Black And Tan Virginia foxhound, one who originally had no white in his coat but who has, like me, lightened up a bit with age. I don’t know for sure, but that’s what I’m going to go with. And if he is a Black and Tan Virginia foxhound, he’s the first we’ve had on this blog, ever! Go, Ryker, go!

Old Black And Tan Coonhound With White Face
Coonhounds are apparently one of the breeds with ‘pointy heads’.
Old Black And Tan Coonhound Poking His Nose Into The Camera
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Puppy of the Day: Rosie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Rosie looks pretty grown-up, but looks can be deceiving: she’s actually only six months old!

Tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi Looking Intent
Look at that tail. She got an extra half a helping of stub, and boy, does it wag fast!
Happy Pembroke Welsh Corgi Grinning At The Camera
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Dog of the Day: Max the Husky Possibly Lab Mix

Max is supposedly a husky/Lab mix, but I don’t see a whole lot of lab in those ears! I would have said husky/white shepherd, or even a white shepherd with unusual eye coloration. I gotta say, though, his expression does look very… husky.

White Husky Mix With Blue Eyes
I can only assume that he had just spent an hour running around in circles crazily, because I am not used to seeing dogs just chilling out in the middle of Huntingdon Park.
White Siberian Husky Mix With Blue Eyes Gazing Hypnotically Into The Camera
Hypnotic gaze. If slightly derpy.
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(Birth)Dog of the (Sun)Day: Piper the Poodle

Piper is 11 today, and I thought it was worth modifying my schedule a bit to accommodate some birthday wishes for her. Especially since she did everything she could to make me feel welcome when I met her. Seems only fair!

Black Standard Poodle Smiling
Photographing black dogs in the sun: my bête noire. (A multilingual pun! Excuse me while I pat myself on the back.)
Old Black Poodle Looking Into Camera
There, now… you can actually see that sweet face!
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Dog of the Day: Boston the Dachshund

Boston, 3, was a bit shy around me, if I recall correctly.

Black And Tan Miniature Dachshund Next To A Fire Hydrant
Yes, it’s definitely a small dachshund. But it is also quite a large hydrant.
Black And Tan Dachshund Looking Nervous
Tail tucked, and definitely looking a little dubious.
Black And Tan Dachshund
Also maybe a liiiitle bug-eyed. Perhaps there’s some pug a few generations back.
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Dog of the Day: Chill Siberian Husky

Someone knows how to relax.

Siberian Husky Lying On A Sidewalk
Huskies always look so smug, don’t they?
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Dog of the Day: Klezmer (aka Frank) the Irish Setter

Klezmer is his real name, and he’s ten years old and a huge sweetie. But there are apparently a lot of people who don’t know what ‘Klezmer’ means, so his mom had to give him a nickname that people could understand.

Happy Irish Setter Sitting On A Concrete Abutment
The building in the background is the snack bar atop Telegraph Hill. Apparently the person who runs it gives out really yummy dog treats. And takes dog pictures. I’ll have to go back when it’s open, for one or the other.
Smiling Irish Setter Face
When I heard his name, I said, ‘Oh, is he a musician?’ But his mom didn’t hear me clearly, and said, ‘No, he’s an Irish Setter.’
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