Dog of the Day: Dakota the Goofy Pit Bull

I dogsat a bit over the weekend and today for this fine specimen. Dakota is a one-eyed, flop-tongued, cuddling blue people-licker. She also enjoys being petted, going for walks, not barking at anything ever, and cuddling up under blankets.

Bluenose Pit Bull In A Dog Bed Lying Under Some Blankets

She gets quite upset if she can’t lie next to you, so while I was working I set her dog bed right next to me and she lay down happily and went to sleep under some blankets.

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Sunday Switchup: Ceci n’est pas une pup!

One day, while she was poking holes in my arm, I ran across a woman who knits dogs.

Let’s try that again.

One day, while having blood drawn for a routine physical, I fell to talking with the phlebotomist. I observed that there were a couple of cute pups on her computer screen and she noted that they were in fact not actually dogs, they were dolls she had knitted.

She does it just for fun. Aren’t they adorable?

Knitted West Highland White Terrier Doll

This one is a Westie, and is on guard at the doctor’s office.

Knitted West Highland White Terrier Doll

Not much smaller than some real Westies I’ve met!

Hand-Knitted Beagle Doll

Do I even need to mention that this one is a beagle? Absolutely perfect!

Hand-Knitted Bernese Mountain Dog Doll

Look at all the fringe. That’s pure fluff, that is. That’s pure Bernese mountain dog fluff, that is!

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Caturday Supplement: RIP My BFFF, Wheezy the Tuxedo Kitty

I know I mentioned being sad earlier this week. Well, now you get to hear why. My best feline friend forever, Wheezy, had to be put to sleep earlier this week. Earlier this month his family noticed that one of his eyes was permanently dilated. They took him to several specialists, who were all quite baffled… apparently this isn’t something that happens, really. But to make a long story short, it turned out to be serious, and shortly after that he stopped eating. He was only five years old.

These pictures were taken a few hours before he was put to sleep, and although he hadn’t eaten anything in quite a while, and had lost a lot of weight, he was still a happy cat. He came over and gave me a few cuddles and a kiss on the ear, and even some purring when I petted him.

I am going to miss the hell out of Wheezy. I know dog bloggers aren’t supposed to play favorites, especially feline ones, but he was the sweetest, kindest, and happiest cat I have ever known. Whenever I came over to feed him, he would leap up onto the counter and beg me to pet him. And it didn’t matter if I put the food out, he would happily ignore it until I made it clear no more petting was forthcoming. He was a hell of a cat.

RIP, Wheezy. We’ll miss you.

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Dog of the Day: Riggins the Guatemalan Refugee

Riggins is a 5-month-old refugee dog from Guatemala. I wonder what the visa situation is vis-a-vis dogs?

Guatemalan Street Puppy

I can’t even begin to guess what breeds go into a Guatemalan street dog that looks like that.

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Dog of the Day: Marley Jean the German Shepherd Puppy

All right, a little (big!) something cute and fluffy and adorable and not sad in any way, shape, or form. Except maybe a little sad that there were no hot dogs involved in the making of these photographs.

My notes say the following: “5 mo GSD Marley Jean”. They do not, in fact, specify a gender. I am utterly convinced that this is a girl so I am going to go with that.

Edit: Also, ♫ Marley Jean is not my pupper. She’s just a dog I met while out on a run. But she still is cute and fun! ♫

Four Month Old German Shepherd Puppy With Amazingly Fluffy Ears

You need to look at those ears. If you can’t see the fluff well enough, you need to click through to the bigger image.

Four Month Old German Shepherd Puppy With Amazingly Fluffy Ears


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Dog of the Day: Sad Long-Haired Dachshund

Having a sad day today, for reasons I’ll share later on (since they are, in fact, pet-related.) I had to spend a little time hunting up a pup who looked a little sad, but I finally found one.

Woman Holding Brown Long-Haired Dachshund

I think it’s the eyes, but it might be the ears.

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Sunday Switchup: Chinese New Year

Folks really take Chinese New Year seriously around here. That’s city hall.

San Francisco City Hall Lit Up For Chinese New Year

There’s a big night parade, too, but I tend to avoid it. It’s 95% advertising and 5% parade.

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Caturday Supplement: Adoptacat

Ran across the Feral Cat Foundation running an adoptathon at a pet food shop in the East Bay today. They mostly do trap-and-neuter programs to control feral cat colonies, and other such worthwhile endeavors. But they do get involved in adoption stuff occasionally, and they had a pile of adorable kitties for me to play with, pet, and photograph.

Pretty Calico Cat With Hazel Eyes

Looks like a weird direction for her to be gazing, but she’s actually looking me in the face: I was holding the camera at stomach level.

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Dog of the Day: Chewbacca the Great Pyrenees Mix

I have never seen a dog that looks more like a golden retriever without being golden than Chewbacca, the happy friendly two-year-old Great Pyrenees mix.

Great Pyrenees Mix Grinning At The Camera

Happy puplet.

Great Pyrenees Mix Sticking Out His Tongue

This is Chewbacca being told to sit when what he really wanted to do…

Extreme Closeup Of Great Pyrenees Mix Staring Into Camera

…was demand attention. And lick my camera lens.

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Downward-Facing Dog of the Day: Lani the Australian Cattle Dog (Mix?)

Lani is one of those “I have so many great pictures that I am paralyzed by indecision” dogs, but I’ve finally just decided to buckle down and pick some and publish. She’s a 4-year-old Australian cattle dog, possibly a mix, adopted from the SF SPCA. And she is such an amazing ham. She instinctively knows how to pose for a camera like nobody’s business.

Red Merle Australian Cattle Dog Grinning At Camera

If it weren’t for the shadows, these pictures would be ‘frame them and hang them on your wall’. The subject is certainly plenty pretty.

Woman Unhooking Australian Shepherd From His Leash

This one might be worth trying a print.

Red Heeler Performing 'Downward-Facing Dog'

There’s the ‘downward-facing’ part of today’s dog.

Australian Cattle Dog

She was practically dancing for me.

Woman Petting Red Heeler

Lani getting some much-deserved love.

Woman Holding Hands With A Red Heeler

I think this was a trick but I don’t quite remember what it was.

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