Caturday Supplement: Little Grem-Grem In The Jungle

I got to say hello to my fluffy friend again last week. This time he grudgingly decided I wasn’t so terrible after all, so I got some kitty cuddles.

Tiger Tabby Cat Hiding In Artificial Plant

Grem has his own little hiding spot to curl up in. It’s pretty adorable.

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Dog of the Day: Connor the Irish Doodle

Connor, one of Autumn’s two family dogs, has showed up here before. But I just had to show off these new pictures taken by her folks, because, well, you’ll see.

If we ask nicely in the comments section, maybe we can get some more pictures of Connor’s ‘new look’.

Shaggy Irish Setter Poodle Mix

This pictures is BHC: Before HairCut.

Shaved Irish Setter Poodle Mix

I can’t stop giggling. He doesn’t seem quite as amused, though, does he?

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Dog of the Day: Mazie the Dotes- Er, I Mean The Basenji

Mazie didn’t like the look of me, so she turned me upside down. It seemed to help.

Man Holding Basenji

Somehow dad’s eyebrows floating above her head amuses me.

Man Holding Basenji Upside Down

Mazie really liked being held this way. I wonder if it was the head rush.

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Dog of the Day: Zenny the Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy

Zenny is 9 months old, and a real handful. And she wanted me to tell you that she likes hugs.

Flufy Tricolor Miniature Australian Shepherd

When I hear the name ‘Zenny’ I think of stand-up arcade games from 1980s Capcom. (They used the currency ‘Zenni Coins’.) Am I dating myself?

Flufy Tricolor Miniature Australian Shepherd

Look at the little floof of hair on the top of her head.

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Dog of the Day: Fionn Mac Cumhaill (aka Finn MacCool) the Dachshund Terrier Mix

I saw this dog the other day and I thought, oh god, someone has had just as long a day as I have. And then I found out that this someone’s name was ‘Fionn Mac Cumhaill, AKA Finn MacCool, named after the great Irish hero of legend. We’ve featured the great great great great x umpity grandson of one of Fionn’s dogs on here before, way back when Autumn was in Ireland in oh my god was that really nine years ago 2010, so it’s quite nice to also get Fionn himself.

Pooped Pup Next To Empty Wine Glass

Fionn is 2, and thus not of age to drink. So no, he did not in fact empty that glass of wine himself.

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Sunday Switchup: Another Mural

Hope you all aren’t getting bored of murals, because there are a bazillion great ones in the city.

Mural Of Stick Figure Man Walking Balloon Animal

On the side of a ‘Doggie Day Care’ place.

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Another kitty from April’s ‘First Caturday’ celebrations.

Black Cat Looking Curious

Almost all of the cats eventually came out of their shells at least a bit by the end of the celebration.

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Triple Wiener Dog Day: A Happy Family

I didn’t get names down, but I do recall that the one on the left is mom, and the other two are her pups. The reason I didn’t get their names is because shortly after this picture was taken I tried petting mom, and the other two started barking at me and didn’t stop until I went away. Apparently they are very protective.

Three Old Dachshunds

The expression on the one on the right is rather… intense for a dachshund.

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Dog of the Day: Oliver the Piebald Long-Haired Miniature Dachshund

Another foofly wiener for you, this one piebald — for some reason what any other breed would call merle is called piebald in dachshund — and 11 years old. Don’t worry: he can keep up just fine.

I took this picture right outside one of my favorite places in the city: Dandelion Chocolates, on Valencia in the Mission. Yum!

Piebald Miniature Long-Haired Dachshund

He looks like he’s wiser than I am. Not that that’s difficult.

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Dog of the Day: Olive the ADOPTABLE Labrador Retriever Husky Mix

I met Olive at the same park I was at for the First Caturday celebration. She ran right up to me and gave me smooches, but I thought she was totally nervous because she had her tail tucked way down between her legs. Nope! Turns out she only has a half a tail! (Apparently was born that way.)

She is up for adoption at Family Dog Rescue, but hasn’t been rescued so far because she is really ill-suited to life in the shelter: when she’s there, she’s scared and shy and mostly huddles in a corner. Take her out, and, well, she becomes this fun-loving delightful dog! I’ll let her foster mom tell it in her own words:

Olive: Lab/husky. Medium size. 1.5 yr old. Easy going disposition. Just needs a bit of TLC to get used to the outside world (and she is super soft).
She has been too shy at the shelter to be noticed and has been there way too long. My daughter and I have been socializing her regularly and now she is ready for a forever home -preferably with another dog, or someone who can take the time to make her feel safe and get used to the outside world.  She is amazingly calm and easy to train.   I’ve watched her transform in just one month of socializing.  Great with kids & other dogs.  A gem of a dog – gentle and gorgeous.

I can attest to the transformation: if she is shy in the shelter, she was only shy for moments if at all when I met her. Plus yes she is definitely super-soft. SOMEONE ADOPT THIS DOG!

I took the first three pictures. The rest (without the captions or hovertext) were sent to me by Olive’s foster mom.

Labrador Retreiver Husky Mix

Hard to believe she’s half Lab: those ears are standing tall and proud.

Labrador Retriever Husky Mix With Partial Heterochromia Looking Pensive

Olive has one and one half brown eyes and one half of a blue eye.

Husky Lab Mix With Star On Forehead And Stripe On Nose

Stripey nose. Not ALWAYS a sign of a husky, but it’s often the way to bet. Plus, neat pattern on her forehead.

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