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Adam Lang is a backend software engineer (which is to say, he sits on his back end and engineers software) at Automatic, makers of a device that might help you drive better, get better gas mileage, know when your car is likely to need maintenance before it needs it, and, oh, yeah, that calls 911 for you if you drive off the road and hit a tree on a deserted highway at 3 AM. Previously he worked at Hipmunk, the most adorable travel site in existence.

In his off time, he plays guitar, sings, creates silly dog blogs, does political volunteer work, writes software, takes classes at CCSF, and does an inordinate number of random and largely unexpected things. He can be contacted at alang at the hostname of this blog. (I.e. at dogsofsf.com).

Adam Lang, in AT&T Park

Adam Lang exhibiting his usual attitude toward the world.

And for those of you who have a little time on your hands, say one evening a week, who are wondering what to do with it: go take a class from your local community college! It’s a great way to pass some time, and it’s usually cheap. In San Francisco, it’s free! And it’s incredibly low-stress if you are no longer worrying about whether you’re going to pass. I mean, what’re they going to do, inform your current employer that you got a D in art?

A partial list of classes that I have taken over the past five years:

  • Metal Machining Techniques
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Auto Repair
  • Introduction to Welding Processes

Autumn Rhodes is a professional Irish musician, a music teacher, and a student of graphic design, ethnomusicology, life, and dogs, not necessarily in that order. She plays and teaches the Irish wooden flute, the Anglo concertina, the Uilleann pipes (pronounced ‘illin’), a variety of tin whistles, and occasionally other things as well, and sings, both in English and in the Irish language, which is not called ‘Gaelic’ no matter what everyone thinks. She does all of this with flair and panache, and (since it’s Adam writing it I can say this) is a damned good musician who has won the respect of quite a large portion of the Bay Area Irish music community… which is no easy matter. The web site for one of her bands (the Emperor Norton Ceili Band) can be found here.

She also runs her own dog-walking and pet-sitting business called San Francisco Pup Scouts. Hundreds of delighted customers! And their owners are pretty happy too.

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