Dog of the Day: Basenji Mix?

No dogs allowed? Hmf! And they call San Francisco a dog-friendly city!

Basenji Mix

So aerodynamic! And with the racing stripe too. This must be one fast dog!

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2 Responses to No dogs allowed? Hmf! And they call San Francisco a dog-friendly city!

  1. Kathy says:

    I adopted from under my car a puppy, long ears, one half up, no developed teeth, 116 degrees in Phoenix, as my Tibetan terrier passed one month to the day of herfound hiding from heat under my car. Bodhisattva, TT was 18.5 years ageddddd. I had nohly intelligent, atheletic, fast a runner of any dog I’ve seen with the circle eight turns as her hip skidded on ground. Her leaping skills in straight up from sit position hit 5 feet clearing any fence to retain her in confined yard. She learned to catch in mid air balls,frisbies, and I do not train dogs to do tricks. She is Alpha female, sits on command, hive five’s, and loves her meals of real meet and premium dry grainless food. Research on the breed alerted me to its high energy and high high training issues. Runs from me and darts on roads speed of a grey hound, but no sense of dangers. I am unable to keep up as Ive recently undergone neuro-surgery on spine, implanting metal rod, cage, 5 fusions, when she appeared. Fixed, shots, chipped and a large cage where she spens little time, I was ready to give her to someone athletic, as I felt she needed to run and I wasn’t able to give her freedom as an athletic younger person could.
    Ive changed my mind. Dog rescuer my life, mostalpha temperment, fast learner, but stubborn when her needs are not being met. Runs off like game. Ticks me off. I worry but she returns and sorry. were grateful to survive. ,Dalai Lama is the most challenging. She is loving, strong, protective, smart, atheletic, life, all traumatized before coming to me, I knew it would take a focused and unrelenting training to survive in Phoenix mid city area. I havereceived a harnessforher nose to stop the pulling, and teach her to know the alpha of her human clan. She has same head as pictured. long ears, white markings, red, wrinkle forehead as ears stand up, almond eyes.
    Wish me luck!

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