Dog of the Day: Dancing Miniature Poodle

Y me está matando este… hey… HEY! WHAT’RE YOU LAUGHING AT?

Grey Miniature Poodle Dancing

This one in particular is a little blurry, but I though the expression was worth it.

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2 Responses to Y me está matando este… hey… HEY! WHAT’RE YOU LAUGHING AT?

  1. Susan says:

    This poor dog! She’s obviously being pulled on the leash so tight she’s being choked! Truly, look at her eyes bugged out. You should be ashamed. I pray you treat animals as the intelligent beings they were created. would you like someone to pull on your neck so tight that your eyes are popping out? This is very saddening and I pray you will treat every and any animal including this beautiful little one with the respect and honor they deserve, they’re not here for your entertainment in life. I hope you see this and I hope others looking at these photos will understand this is not in loving and kind, humane way to “show off” .

    • Adam Lang says:

      I wonder, have you ever had a dog?

      This dog’s parent was holding the leash still. This dog was leaping around on the end of the leash. If the dog were too terribly uncomfortable, he or she wouldn’t have been doing it.

      Look at the full series here, to see what the dog was actually doing while the leash was being held still.

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