WARNING: Dogs of SF may be down for a couple days

Autumn and I are moving, and getting the phone service moved to the new place, with DSL intact, is proving to be… well, not a hassle exactly. I asked for it, and they seem to just be doing it. But it is unclear exactly when the phone service will start up in the new place (though I know exactly when it will stop in the old place: July second, before 5 PM), and after the new service starts, it’s also unclear when the DSL cutover will occur.

I am trying to make alternate arrangements to host my home server (where DoSF runs) in the meantime. If I can, then DoSF will be down for a few hours twice (moving there, moving back again), plus however long it takes the address www.dogsofsf.com to catch up with the new location. If I can’t, then DoSF might be down for as long as four or five days while we wait for the DSL cutover to occur.

In either case, I’ll get us back up and running as quickly as I can.

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