Double Dog Day: Henry the Pug and Baby the Chihuahua Mix

I dogsat last weekend, and it was for these two little monsters!

Actually, they were quite well-behaved, aside from trying VERY VERY hard to push me out of bed all night. And that wasn’t because they were mean, it was because they wanted to cuddle closer and closer and closer. But they were surprisingly methodical about it… one of them climbed under the covers and lay pressed against my knee, and one climbed under the covers and pressed up against the side of my chest. And then they just pushed, very gently, all night.

Chihuahua Mix and Pug

It’s funny… somehow I caught Henry looking kind of ill-tempered. He normally looks delighted.

Chihuahua Mix Curled Up In A Little Ball

Baby likes spending a lot of time curled up like this. It’s quite adorable.

Pug Staring At A Chocolate Bar

Henry was very interested. (Besides chocolate, there’s nuts and dried raspberries in there.) But he must be well-trained because he never even looked like he was going to try to get up onto the table. And obviously it wouldn’t have been hard.

Pug Wearing Blue Flat Cap

When I get a long time alone with a dog, probability approaches 100% that I will try to make them wear one of my hats. Henry didn’t even mind.

Pug Wearing Blue Flat Cap

I think he looks pretty good in it, really.

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