Sunday Switchup: Black-Crowned Night-Heron?

I start my new job tomorrow… everyone wish me luck.

I ran into this fine lady (maybe? Apparently the females are smaller…) when I was visiting Marin’s WildCare Center, where Autumn and I are members. But no, this is not a rescued bird… it is just one who likes to come down and hang out near all the other rescued birds. I’m not sure whether it is being kind and providing company, or whether it is just doing the bird equivalent of saying ‘nyah nyah, I can fly away any time I like and you can’t!’

Black-Crowned Night-Jar Grooming

Identification of this bird took much longer than usual, because I didn’t know the difference between a ‘crest’ and a ‘plume’. You live and learn.

Black-Crowned Night-Jar Showing Off Wing Feathers

They have a very disgruntled expression, don’t they? But lovely storm-cloud feathers.

Black-Crowned Night-Jar Grooming Its Wing And Showing Off Crest

I must have sat and watched this bird for a good five minutes, from about ten feet away.

Black-Crowned Night-Jar Staring at the Camera

A very aggressive stance.

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1 Response to Sunday Switchup: Black-Crowned Night-Heron?

  1. Anh says:

    Great photos, Adam! Love the bird’s expressions.

    And good luck with your new job. Would love to hear more about it.

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