DoggiEvent: Exploratorium Market Days: Dog Show and Tell!

Oh, now I just HAVE to mention this one to all of you dog lovers out there: the Exploratorium has an outdoor event once a month, right outside their place at Pier 15. And this one is dog-related: Dog Show and Tell! Here’s a little blurb, but go to their web site for the full details:

The Exploratorium goes to the dogs with A Breed Apart. Meet some of the hardest-working hounds around, such as guide dogs for the blind, and discover what fun-loving pooches can do in circus school or on the dance floor. Join faculty from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine to learn how canine genetics predict behavior, coat color, and the risk of heritable diseases, and what skulls reveal about the history and health of an animal. Find out how Finding Rover helps reunite lost dogs with their owners, and get to know best friends in need of homes from the San Francisco SPCA.

Yours truly will be there, in a Dogs of San Francisco tee shirt. The first two of my readers who sees me and says hello (if anyone does!) will receive a Dogs of San Francisco tote bag. Hope to see you there!

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