Double Dog Day: Summer and Jessie

Their official names are “Springbank Summer’s Bright Future” (a winner of several awards at dog shows, including at least one ‘grand championship’ that’s not shown on that page… whatever that means, search me, I dunno!) and “Sir Jessie Valentine.” And they are both gorgeously awesome and gregarious and cuddly.

Two Gorgeous Rough-Coated Collies

They were very well-trained. Of course, show dogs have to be.

Smiling Rough Collie

Neither of them was at all afraid to get those long pointy noses all up in my bidness.

Rough Collie

Just the way I like them, of course.

Two Floofy Adorable Beautiful Rough Collies

Despite my hovertext, that is not a disgruntled expression. That is just Summer looking utterly majestic.

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