Dog of the Day: Sidney the Australian Cattle Dog

I’m feeling a lot better today, thank goodness. So it’s time for a bigger post: Sidney, an Australian cattle dog that I ran into last week. Unfortunately, most of my pictures of him turned out badly. Fortunately, Andrew, Sidney’s dog-guardian (as opposed to a guard-dogian, which I guess would be Sidney) was happy to make up the difference. I have hidden Andrew’s pictures below the fold, both so that they don’t make the rest of the front-page pictures that I took look terrible in comparison, and to tempt more of you to look at the rest of the story, and maybe comment.

So yes. Six pretty amazing pictures after the jump, and one pretty mediocre one before. And thank you very much, Andrew, for permission to post the six.

Australian cattle dog

This ACD seemed a wee bit OCD. During the short time I saw him, he literally never stopped staring straight at his ball.

The below pictures are © Andrew Makarich, used by kind permission.

Australian cattle dog, aka red heeler, head shot

Gorgeous head shot. I wonder if that's a bridge piling off in the background?

Red heeler, aka Australian cattle dog

How on earth did they get him to go up there and then stand still long enough to get this gorgeous shot?

Red heeler, aka Australian cattle dog, in front of a fountain

Is that a happy face or what? I could use a day or two like that myself right about now.

Red heeler aka Australian cattle dog with ball

And here Sydney is with his favorite thing in all the world.

Australian cattle dog aka red heeler fetching a ball from the San Francisco bay

It almost looks like he's dancing here. His face looks awfully serious but I bet he's having lots of fun.

Australian cattle dog aka red heeler in San Francisco bay, Golden Gate in the background

All right, that's the best picture ever. Y'all can go home now.

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Sidney the Australian Cattle Dog

  1. Marti makarich says:

    Syd is a great looking dog and so is his owner. I may be a little prejudiced since Andy is my son

  2. Adam Lang says:

    Well, I won’t make any judgements on the owner, but the dog is clearly something special. 🙂

  3. Juan Vega says:

    Is Sidney a red heeler mix? I have a red heeler mix that looks identical to Sidney.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Actually, he’s a pure red heeler! Red heeler is just another name for the red-merle-coated Australian cattle dog.

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