Dog of the Day: Sam the Bernese Mountain Dog

Another Bernie for today. And such a dignified one, too! Some of those expressions make me think that he may be the reincarnation of an especially virtuous elder statesman. Such dignified expressions, especially for a Bernie.

Three more pictures, after the break.

Bernese mountain dog

I think we've run into Sam a few times now, but it will never get old.

Bernese mountain dog

We don't get over to Chestnut street nearly enough, it seems. Lots of great dogs out there in the marina.

Bernese mountain dog

Look at the amount of fluff on this guy. I've heard Bernies are real shedders; if so, I bet you could make a half-dozen sweaters a year from this guy alone.

Bernese mountain dog

For some reason, when I see a Bernie, the word 'Neapolitan' springs to mind. Not because of the Neapolitan mastiff... because of the three-flavor ice cream. Although on a Bernie it's more like 'chocolate, vanilla, and charcoal'.

Bernese mountain dog

Aww. Just a hint of a smile. Sam is surprisingly sober-faced, for a dog that was clearly so content.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Sam the Bernese Mountain Dog

  1. Nicole says:

    Is he a Bernese mix? He doesn’t look as furry as others.

    • Adam Lang says:

      He’s a full Berner! He had been recently brushed, and some of them are just a little less floofly. (But no less awesome!)

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