Dog of the Day: Hipmunk’s Newest Employee

So I was hard at work last month, making Hipmunk’s software work better. And I looked up from my computer, and there was a pug. And I thought, oh, a dog, I see those all the time, and looked down. It took another couple of seconds for me to realize that, wait, there’re no dogs allowed at Hipmunk. (Boo!)

Turned out one of the office dogs from our upstairs neighbors had gotten curious and wandered downstairs, and visited most of our development team. And, before we caught him, he wandered down another flight of stairs and visited most of the rest of the company too. (He was an unusually shy pug, so it was tough for us to get near him.)

Pug In An Office Environment

He seemed very intent on exploring every nook and cranny.

Pug Sniffing A Cement Column In An Office

I must say, this had me a little worried. But no, he was quite well-mannered and not inclined to mistaking columns for trees.

Man Holding Pug In His Arms

Eventually I managed to back him into Chris (my coworker), who snagged him, which didn’t seem to make him unhappy.

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