Blog News: Move Complete… With A Minor Issue

Edit: Yay move is complete except for the whole ‘can’t click on any posts ha ha ha’ part. I am working on this and will get it fixed as soon as I can.

Edit 2: Okay. Fixed. Boy that was annoying.

So, I moved the blog over to my new hosting. Some of you may have noticed by the fact that it now loads quickly instead of ridiculously slowly.

Only one thing went wrong: my site got kind of messed up in the process, and I had to go back to the backup. Which SHOULD have been 100% current, since I make one at 1 AM every day and my last post was well before that. But for some reason my last post, the ridiculously adorable Pomeranian/husky mix, disappeared.

I’ll try to fetch it from the mangled old site, or maybe just recreate it, but in the mean time, if you saw it, you’re among the lucky few.

Anyway, posting will be back on track tomorrow.

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