Dog of the Day: Chihuahua Mix

I have had a very long and not terribly pleasant day, and I am going to go to bed early. So have a short but rather cute dog in a short but rather cute post.

Tan And White Chihuahua Mix With Ears Half Up

I don’t have this pup’s name, but I’m pretty sure there’s some fluffy Chihuahua in there.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Chihuahua Mix

  1. Suzanne says:

    Just found your blog recently and wanted to tell you how much I like it. My senior dog passed away recently, but I still walk our old routes and look at all the other dogs out with their humans, plus looking at rescue websites, and now your blog.

    • Adam Lang says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your pup, although I’m glad to hear that he/she made it to ‘senior’ status… so many dogs (and people) don’t. And I’m glad to hear you get some solace here… I know that my rambles around the city and my daily encounters with the furry and not-so-furry denizens are one of the things that makes life worth living.

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