Dog of the Day: Blanca the Beautiful White Shepherd

I’ve dog-sat for Blanca (13, can you believe it?) a couple of times now over the past year or so, and we’re finally starting to get along. She’s a very smart dog, and she immediately associated me with her family all going away, which meant that she was definitely quite unhappy to see me. There was never any¬†unpleasantness, she just tended to get up and wander out of any room that I happened to walk into.

However, I’ve taken her out for a number of nice walks, and she gradually (and somewhat grudgingly) let me pet her a few times. I have no doubt that next time I see her she’ll warm up a little more.

She’s in really good shape for her age: she has a touch of trouble standing up, but once she’s up she loves walking around. You have to be careful not to take her out for too long, though, or she’ll end up dragging her hind legs a bit, which isn’t good for them.

Funny thing: the last white shepherd I posted was named ‘Blanc‘. Something about ‘great minds’, huh?

Oh, incidentally: I don’t want to jinx myself, but I actually got two nights of decent sleep on Saturday and Sunday nights, so maybe, just maybe, this thing is starting to blow over. If I’m lucky I’ll manage something better than ‘decent’ soon, but I’ll take what I can get…

White Shepherd Standing By The Roadside

I honestly can’t decide if I like this coat or the standard German shepherd coloration better. They’re both so pretty.

Face Of A White Shepherd With Eyes Closed

I’ll win her over yet!

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