Dog of the Day: Monkey the Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Got some pictures of this pup on the day that I was doing that photo scavenger hunt. Her name is Monkey, and she’s a thirteen-year-old Australian cattle dog mix who is just full of smarts and awesome tricks. I couldn’t believe she was thirteen, although I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised: the second-oldest dog in recorded history was an Australian cattle dog, Bluey, who lived 29 years and a bit. Healthy breed!

Woman Gesturing To Sitting Australian Cattle Dog Mix

This is Monkey’s ‘I’m concentrating really hard to figure out what you want me to do’ pose.

Australian Cattle Dog Mix Removing Woman's Sandal

Trick number one. She’ll take mom’s sandals or slippers off for her.

Australian Cattle Dog Mix Holding Flipflop

I can picture buying a comfy chair and wearing sandals to work, just so that when I get home I can sit down in the comfy chair and have Monkey take them off for me.

Happy Australian Cattle Dog Mix Waving

Trick number two. Mom waved. Monkey waved back. Too cute.

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