Dog of the Day: Pembroke from CorgiCon

I am not even going to try to post all of my CorgiCon pictures on the same day. I’ll try to resist giving you the ‘all-corgi’ channel for the next two weeks too. But I got some pretty good shots, so you’ll probably be seeing plenty over the next few weeks.

This petite pup was all dressed up for CorgiCon, and ended up the belle of the ball. (Hovertext to the tune of this song, which I first saw in ‘The Mask’ but which is actually rather older. And very catchy. Be warned.)

Corgi In A Dress Looking At A Treat

A lot of the corgis were running around rather aimlessly, but this gal had her eye on the important stuff.

Corgi In A Dress Dancing

Look at that grace! That flair!

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