Dog of the Day: Jennie the Golden Retriever

Jennie’s a lot of cuddles packed into a smaller-than-usual golden package. Autumn instantly fell in love with her, because she instantly fell in love with everyone within a fifteen foot radius. (Sometimes more.)

Five more pictures after the break.

Golden Retriever

A very sweet pup, but a stubborn one too. This is her refusing to go somewhere. Very good at the 'passive resistance' thing.

Golden retriever.

Another picture of her being resistant. She didn't want to go away from us just yet, we were too good a source of cuddles.

Golden Retriever

This isn't passive resistance, it's 'lookit me, I'm cute!' And yes, yes she is.

Golden retriever

And being silly some more.

Golden Retriever

Autumn giving da pup some love. Da pup doesn't look entirely convinced, does she?

Golden Retriever

Okay, now she's convinced.

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