Caturday Supplement: The Black Kittens of Caturday The Fourteenth

What a pity, Caturday not falling on Friday the 13th. I just don’t understand it, it doesn’t seem like it’s happened at all in the last… wait… I’m just getting a notification that Friday and Saturday very rarely fall on the same day. Huh. Who knew!

So today is Caturday the Fourteenth, and a good day for black kittens! And yes, this is a reference to that awful movie from when I was barely more than a kitten myself. But the kittens are not awful, unless you count ‘awfully adorable’.

Two Black Kittens Napping On A Beige Towel

Another couple kitties from my trip to Pets Unlimited. Macy’s kittens are very soon now though!

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