Dog of the Day: Hippo the Blond French Bulldog Puppy

Hippo is possibly the single best name that I have ever heard for a Frenchie. And Hippo is one of the cutest and the most blond French bulldog puppy (17 weeks old, in these pictures) that I have ever laid eyes on. Look at the stripey shirt! Look at the happy grin! Look at the smoochy-face games she plays with her mom!

Hippo also has an Instagram page: #marinhippo. You will note that in one of the pictures she has on this same outfit. You will also note that if you keep going back she keeps getting more hilariously ridiculous until she resembles a cross between a guinea pig and a tiny little hippo. This is a trip back in time that I highly recommend you take the time to pursue.

Smiling Blond French Bulldog Puppy

I’ve met a few people who can’t read dog expressions. I just can’t imagine that.

Smiling Blond French Bulldog Puppy

I mean, come on. Look at that face.

Blond French Bulldog Puppy Sitting In Woman's Lap And Smiling Up At Her

Someone’s about to get smooched.

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Hippo the Blond French Bulldog Puppy

  1. Sandy says:

    OMG – so adorable!!

  2. Elaine Rhodes says:

    So cute!

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