Dog of National Puppy Day: Captain Corgi the… Uh… Yeah

Happy National Puppy Day! I was going to bring you a puppy live from NPD, one I ran into earlier today, but I only got one good picture of him and I thought you deserved more, so here is someone special I ran into last Friday.

Meet Captain Corgi. Yes, that is his name. I am fairly certain that his name came from the black mask markings on his face, rather than him choosing to wear a mask in order that he may fight injustice and tyranny and lack of cute without endangering his secret identity. But… evildoers beware all the same. I mean, you wouldn’t want to get on his bad side, would you?

Captain Corgi Grinning Cheerfully Up At The Camera

I was out walking with a friend of mine during my lunch hour. We were having a very serious discussion, and then he popped up.

Captain Corgi Grinning Cheerfully Up At The Camera

I of course immediately let out the shriek of a 9-year-old girl being given a pony for her birthday.

Captain Corgi Wadding Away From The Camera, Including His Fluffy Behind

Oh, the waddle. The waddle was amazing.

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