Dog of the Day: Sage the Pomeranian Mix Rescue

Sage is a Pomeranian mix rescue, rescued quite recently in fact. I ran into her and her mom on my way to work, in Huntingdon Park. Well, actually I ran into her mom first, running around the park and calling out, ‘Sage! Sage?’ It seems that this recent rescue was running around the park and maybe got a little lost and ran out of the park, and gave her mom quite a scare.

Of course I immediately had to join the hunt. I jogged some nice circles around the park and wandered up and down several different roads nearby, before some nice gentleman brought her back. I don’t think she’s going to be wandering quite so far in the future.

Woman Holding Fluffy Pomeranian Mix Rescue

Neither one seemed at all inclined to separate.

Woman Holding Fluffy Pomeranian Mix Rescue

Sweet face! She’s an older girl, I seem to recall 8 or so, but Poms live a long time.

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