Dog of the Day: Belgian Malinois

So I remember running into this pup, and I remember squealing and running out of the coffee shop that I was working in, and I remember his dad saying I’d taken pictures of him before. But I went and looked and didn’t find any Belgian shepherds that I’d photographed that looked anything like him… unless it was last August, when I took some pictures (all blurry, alas) of a malinois that had been shaved very short. It’s not impossible… especially since this is often how the fur grows back in when you shave a double-coated dog very short. 🙁

Belgian Malinois With Patchy Fur

So I ran out of the cafe and took pictures, and the guy walked his pup away, and two of the people outside the cafe said, when he’d gone, ‘You totally just did exactly what I secretly wanted to do.’

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