Dog of the Day: Roxi the Akita Mix

What were the chances? What were the chances of getting TWO dogs with heart-shaped spots, in the SAME WEEK? (Well, roughly 100% since I saved both of them for the same week. But still!)

Roxi! Roxi is 7 years old. She’s noble, and cheerful, and is an akita inu mixed with… well, we don’t know. But something herd-y, since she really really really likes to herd. Maybe there’s some border collie in there somewhere? Or German shepherd?¬†Belgian? Hmm.

Black Akita Inu Mix With White Heart-Shaped Medallion Marking Standing On A Wall

The white splotch on a dog’s chest is called the ‘medallion’. So this is a ‘Heart-Shaped Medallion’, although, to be fair, it is not Burgundy.


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