Dog of the Day: Homer the American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

This is Homer, AKA ‘Homie’, ‘Hammy’, and, eventually, ‘Ham Sandwich’. He’s a 6-year-old pit mix, and, well, kind of funny story. I was out and about on Polk Street and I ran across him while he and his owners were sitting at a sidewalk cafe. I started petting him and taking pictures. And while I was doing so, the people at the next table over started talking to Homer’s owners about him, and there was a lot of spirited discussion about non-dog-friendly workplaces and the like, and the upshot was that the people at the next table over were planning on taking Homer to work with them during the day for a few days.

I really do love this town sometimes.

It’s been a late night for me and I got nothing in the way of hovertext, so anyone who has an idea for what this dog is thinking, post it in a comment. The best one wins a prize of guaranteed puppy smooches from the next dog you pet. I promise!

IMG_5997 IMG_6001

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5 Responses to Dog of the Day: Homer the American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

  1. Jeff H says:

    I know Homer! And he’s really thinking “I just wanna go home and chill.”

    Either that, or “I miss my Grampa!”

  2. Tayler & Chris says: Homer’s thinking where’s my daughter “Dali” aka “Dolla$”? Just kidding unless Homer helped make litter of puppies about 15 months ago. Anyways he looks healthy and happy and if it is anything like Dali he’s wondering “who’s got the treats?” Where we going next?

    • Adam Lang says:

      OMG those ears! Gotta give her a belly rub for me!

      Is that the park down on Harrison between 6th and 7th? I’ve run into some pretty cute dogs down there.

      • Tayler & Chris says:

        I know right!? Her ears are awesome we call it her ‘radar’ ear cause she’s always on high alert. And will do, she loves her belly rubs 😂 Yes we were at that park the day we posted our first comment! We and she love it there too always some cute, fun loving doggies for our girl to play with!

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