Sunday Switchup: Ugggghh

No, I’m feeling fine. I just have a couple of punny pictures for you for Sunday switchup.

Not a lot of people know this — and why on earth should they? — but in addition to collecting dogs (photographs and smooches), I also collect vanity license plates (just photographs, thanks). Many are inexplicable, many are utterly banal, and many are vaguely amusing. And then there are groaners. For the daylight savings switchup, I give you one vaguely amusing one and one groaner.

Tesla With License Plate CO2 NOMO

The vaguely amusing one. It’s a Tesla. It’s parked near a house with solar panels on the roof, too.

Red Fiat With License Plate "ACMPLI"

Nnngh. Yes, that’s a groaner all right.

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3 Responses to Sunday Switchup: Ugggghh

  1. Rose Marie says:

    OK, I admit it – I don’t get the second one ;-{!

    • Adam Lang says:

      I have had several people I know say that, including one (who shall remain nameless but she knows who she is) who told me I was being an obnoxious braggart by posting it without a link. And it was only then that I realized that yeah, I kind of hadn’t really heard the phrase outside of my political science classes a while back. Here, try this.

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