Dog of the Day: Klee Kai

Autumn and I were outside a restaurant in North Beach (which I will be posting a different picture from on the next Sunday Switchup) and we happened to look through the window and who should we see but this happy couple? (There was also a human man at the table but I can only assume that was a coincidence.) Look at them gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes! Is anyone else reminded of ‘Lady and the Tramp?’

Woman And Klee Kai Staring Into One Another's Eyes In Italian Restaurant

This is at Fior d’Italia, a little restaurant in North Beach. Supposedly they used to be the oldest Italian restaurant in the United States… but aren’t any more? I’m not quite sure how that works…

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Klee Kai

  1. Sandy says:

    Nothing beats having a meal with your best friend (although in my case, my cat would have his face in my food)!

  2. Rose Marie says:

    This restaurant allows animals – well, dogs anyway? Amazing! More like Britain than America. Lucky lady and puppy ;-}!!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Assistance dog, I have no doubt. Aside from that they’re not allowed in restaurants anywhere in at least California due to health codes. Although you can do clever things like have an outdoor patio with a ‘temporary structure’ (think tent) or a covered patio with heaters. Or you can do what KitTea does and have a room that’s a cafe and a room with animals and allow people to carry their own food from one to the other.

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