Dog of the Day: Kai the Eurasier

I ran into Kai (13!) while I was walking another dog. The two didn’t really hit it off (no snarling or anything, just mostly indifferent) so I didn’t get terribly many pictures, but a couple came out okay, and his dad sent me a couple more, one of which I’m using (it’s the last picture of the set.)

Edit: And wow, that was all one sentence. I should read what I write more often. šŸ˜›

Fluffy Ol' Eurasier

It was actually pretty warm that day for San Francisco. (80s, no breeze.) Kai looked a little uncomfortable in direct sunlight.

Fluffy Eurasier

I think he’d be a little better suited to winter camping in the Himalayas.

Fluffy Eurasier Sticking Out His Tongue

Picture from Kai’s dad. I like the expression. And the fluff. SO MUCH FLUFF.

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