Dog of the Day: a Very Responsible Lab

First off, sorry about the server problems yesterday. I wish I could say they weren’t my fault.

Second, it seems that my local sports franchise has won some sort of highly significant contest. Whoopie. For those who are celebrating this occasion, I am posting photos of two of the more interesting (to this blog) attendees of said event: one of them is one of San Francisco’s Finest, and the other one was a perfectly nice policeman.

Second picture moved below the break.

Policeman with Labrador Retriever

This is Storm. She is a rescue dog, pure Labrador Retriever, who has been trained as a bomb-sniffing expert, and her human partner.

Policeman and Labrador Retriever Police Dog

I have long suspected San Francisco's canine patrollers of also being considered part of their citizen outreach. I didn't see anything here to disabuse me of that notion. Storm is a grate canine ambassador.

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