Dog of the Day: Auggie the Bassett Hound Dachshund Mix Puppy

My god! At 5 months old, Auggie’s ginormous! I thought he was a big standard dachshund until I noticed his ears, which are just unreal.

For all you Twitterers out there who have stumbled across my blog via the list of dogs in baby carriages, welcome. Hope you like it here and decide to stay a while.

(Sigh. My internet is STILL out. I have a solution for now, though.)

Woman Smooching Dachshund Bassett Hound Mix Puppy

Auggie is reeeeally hard to get to hold still. There seem to be two ways. This is one of them…

Woman Feeding Dachshund Bassett Hound Mix Puppy

This, of course, is the other.

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