Dog of the Day: Penny the Bulldog

Penny is 8, though you’d never know it to look at her. She still keeps up with the younger dogs, too, which is great considering that bulldogs tend not to age well. I think it’s because she’s petite, and always wears her rubber booties out in bad weather so she doesn’t get sick. And also in good weather so she looks adorable.

The AT&T guy got here today. He told me everything was fine on his end and that the problem must be inside the house. And when I got back upstairs my internet was magically working again.


English Bulldog In Blue Boots

I guess bulldogs have a lot of paw problems. This gal is quite happy in her boots, though.

English Bulldog In Blue Boots Staring Into The Camera

She really wanted to get up close and personal.

Extreme Closeup Of English Bulldog In Blue Boots Staring Into The Camera

Uncropped, unretouched, unchanged in any way. If I could take pictures like this on purpose I would retire from my job and become a wildly successful full-time pet photographer.

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