(Belated) Labor Dog of the Day: Ladydog the English Pointer Whippet Mix

I can’t believe I forgot to post a dog on labor day! I plead exhaustion… I hadn’t gotten much sleep for ages, due to heat. I cleaned all day and then went to sleep early.

I had meant to post Ladydog, the English pointer whippet mix, who I ran into while going down to Walgreens for cleaning supplies. So here’s a very slightly belated Labor Day dog for you.

Whippet English Pointer Mix

Okay, look at this pup. How old do you think she is?

Whippet English Pointer Mix Looking Plaintive

She is TWELVE. Twelve!

Woman With Whippet English Pointer Mix

I thought she was maybe three. And then she jumped up on me and licked my face and I thought… a year. A year and a half max.

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