Double Dog Day: Wildly Earnest and Pabu the Tibetan Terriers

These two aren’t just brother and sister (Earnest being the boy, naturally), they are twins! Both seven years old. Tibetan terriers are pretty awesome dogs: they’re sweet and friendly and very mellow compared to other terriers.

Two Black And White Tibetan Terriers On A Sidewalk

Pabu is on the left, and Wildly Earnest is on the right. I think. That’s why my notes say, but they don’t say WHOSE right and WHOSE left.

Happy Tibetan Terrier

Clipped fairly short, but let them grow out a little more and they really do look like miniature English sheepdogs.

Tibetan Terrier In Adorable Bandana

Gotta love those matching bandanas.

Tibetan Terrier Sticking His Tongue Out A Tiny Bit


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