Dog of the Day: Orson the Newfoundland Dog

We’ve seen Orson (now 4 years old)¬†before, and last time he had drool in the exact same place. Coincidence? I think not!

Man Talking Animatedly To Black Newfoundland Dog

I ran into these two right near work, but I’m pretty sure he’s not an AirBNB dog. Which is a great pity because I’d probably see him a lot more often.

Black Newfie Looking Disgruntled With Drool Hanging Off Of His Lip

Newfies are the kings of the ridiculous expression.

Man Patting Black Newfie Puppy On The Head

I also think Newfies would make the best pillows ever. If you don’t mind your pillow getting up to go drink some water every once in a while.

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