Caturday Supplement: Auburn Adoptable Kitten Siblings!

So, I may have mentioned that I bought an RV. I had to register it before I left California on my current little jaunt. (No, it’s not a vacation, it’s… work. Lots of work. But it’s still kind of cool, in an incredibly OH MY GOD HOW DO PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF SAN FRANCISCO STAND THIS WEATHER sort of way.) So I stopped in Auburn, CA, which is a very small town with a very-small-town DMV. I managed to get to it without actually hitting anything on the winding roads. And discovered that about 100 feet away there was a cat sanctuary, rescue, and adoption center, the Friends Forever Auburn Cat Sanctuary.

And there I found a whole boodle of cats and kittens. These three are siblings: the tuxedo is Cricket, the one with the white face is Hunter, and the one with the outrageous mustache… I didn’t get the name of. Because I am a bad person. They are all adoptable and are loving siblings and would just adore being adopted together. (Or at least two? Who doesn’t need at least two cats?) A quick road trip to Auburn from San Francisco is hardly a hardship, is it?

Also, I am currently in Winnemucca, and it appears that AT&T did not plan for the fact that I am surrounded by about 400 truckers with itchy cell phone fingers, because the signal here is great but the internet is glacial. Uploads take ages, but at least I don’t have to babysit them. Interactive stuff is horribly slow. So you get some cute cat pictures without all of my quasi-witty captions/hovertext today. Lucky you!


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