Caturday Supplement:

It has been a long, rather frustrating day. I spent all of it up until about 3:15 PM rebuilding the power cable that connects the Lummox to the power main, because I kept getting alerts telling me that the cable had a ‘bad ground’, but only about every other time I used it. Well, I don’t know if I actually fixed it or if or if this is one of those 50/50 chances but I finally got it working. And a good thing, too: it was in the mid 90s here, with upwards of 90 percent humidity. And after that I spent the rest of the day fixing the roof fan, which was also broken. We’ll see tomorrow if that worked: gotta give the case time for the epoxy to set. Of course, neither of these things would have taken a competent electrician more than an hour to do, but that sort of lets me out.

Anyway, have a cat. I could really use one to cuddle up with right now. I did get to visit with my campground-neighbors’ Boston terriers, but I’m not sure ‘cuddle’ is quite the right word for what those rather energetic dogs perpetrated on me. Pounce-and-lick-frantically, maybe.

Cat Sitting On Cat Tree

I wonder if any of the RVs at the camp have cats?

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