Sunday Switchup: Marie the Woozle!

Saturday I met a woozle! (This is what many ferret owners call ferrets.) Her name is Marie, pronounced the French way. She is now my friend.

I almost waited for Woozle Wednesday, but I decided she was too cute not to share today.

Man In Superdad Shirt Holding Ferret

I think he had other pets too, but I kind of forgot everything after I saw his ferret trying to escape through the front door.

Man Holding Ferret

I miss ferrets. I had friends who had them when I lived back East, but they’re illegal in California.


They are SO much fun to play with. They’re like little otters that you can play with as much as you want! And that will lick your nose.

Ferret Close-Up

This is shortly before I put away the phone and collected my nose-lick.

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