Dog of the Day: Remus the American Alsatian

Chalk another one I’ve never heard of up to the ol blawg: Remus here is a one-year-old American Alsatian. He might look a little familiar: turns out he’s the one I saw in wags and mistook for a Caucasian shepherd. He also has another connection to the blog: his folks used to have a Bernese mountain dog named Moby, who was featured here back in 2012. Apparently he passed away recently, at the ripe old age of twelve (pretty great for a Berner!) Remus is their new friend.

American Alsatian Dog Lying Down Weirdly

Remus was camped out in the doorway of my favorite cheese shop. In a rather hilarious position.

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Remus the American Alsatian

  1. Misty Schlagal says:

    Hello……I also have an American Alsatian named Remus, only my Remus is a Service Dog. He was the first of the breed to become one, and has set in place something Lois the creator of the breed NEVER intended or wanted for her dogs. She clearly says, that her dogs “Are NOT WORKING DOGS”… but my partner of the last 6 years, loves nothing more!!!! Thank you for posting this wonderful boys picture, and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Misty and Remus SD Schlagal

    • Adam Lang says:

      I don’t know why Lois would imagine that they’d make poor working dogs. Literally every breed that went into them was a working dog of some kind, and most of them were herders.

      Any pictures of Remus online? Post some links here. I’d love to see them!

      • Misty Schlagal says:

        I would love to send you some pics of my Remus if you possibly have an email address???? Lois never wanted her dogs to be working dogs. She envisioned them to be companion animals. Couch potatoes if you will…

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