Caturday Supplement: Isabelle Airel

Frequent commenter and friend of the blog Rose Marie sent me some pictures of her gorgeous kitty Isabelle Airel, who passed away last year. I told her I’d post a little bit of a memorial.

Some true facts about Isabelle Airel, as told to me by Rose Marie.

  • her name is taken from two Shakespeare plays – Isabelle is from Measure for Measure, Airel is from The Tempest.
  • she was a rescue cat, about six years old when I got her.
  • she was the smartest cat I’ve had! Knew her name within just a couple of weeks, learned to ‘read’ us so well she recognized our ‘leaving’ routine so she could begin begging for her good-bye treats, etc.
  • her favourite food, bar none, was whipped cream. She recognized the beaters when I got them out and came running
  • she was the most vocal cat I have had, and my first cat was a Siamese!!
  • As displayed below, she had a very good friend: the tennis ball was the dog’s toy, until Isabelle adopted it.

And, just as a personal note, I’d like to add that she had absolutely gorgeous eyes and the cutest little marbled nose.

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  1. Rose Marie Thorpe says:

    Thank you!

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