Dog of the Day: Chanel the Yorkshire Terrier

Okay, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a full-grown dog that is as tiny as Chanel (who is 6 years old!) and is still so cute. Most of the super-tiny dogs I’ve seen are Chihuahuas and, well, I hope you’ll excuse me for saying that I just don’t find Chihuahuas super cute. Yorkies, though? Adorable. Especially this one.

Moved two pictures below the break.

Yorkshire Terrier, aka Yorkie

She looks like a tiny little scruffy muppet.

Yorkshire Terrier, aka Yorkie

Not sure what's up with the sweatshirt... she's got plenty of fur to keep her warm.

Yorkshire Terrier, aka Yorkie

Chanel's not timid at all. She came right over to distribute smooches and shamelessly solicit skritches.

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