Dog of the Day: Lola the Boxer/Spaniel Puppy

Ohhh, someone’s a cutie! Fifteen weeks old.

Boxer/Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Awwww. Such a sad look. But then, both boxers and cocker spaniels tend to look a little depressed sometimes, whether they are or not.

Boxer/Cocker Spaniel Mix

Look at that adorable tail position. And the little black and white tailtip!

Boxer/Cocker Spaniel Mix

I love how some dogs' skin bunches up like that. Ridiculous.

Boxer/Cocker Spaniel Mix

Literate puppy points out the lovely poetry embedded in San Francisco sidewalks.

Boxer/Cocker Spaniel Mix

Curious puppy nose!

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One Response to Dog of the Day: Lola the Boxer/Spaniel Puppy

  1. sherri says:

    OMG ! How cute 🙂 My boxer jus had a litter of boxer/spaniel mixed pups. Have bn curious abt what they will look like when they get older. ADORABLY CUTE

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