Dog of the Day: Shorty the Black Lab Mix

This gal was a photography lesson for me. After a bit of puzzling, I have decided that the lesson in question is: don’t take pictures of black dogs in direct sunlight. Or dark-colored anythings, really, especially if they’re a little bit glossy. (I’m sure the real lesson is ‘don’t take pictures of anything in direct sunlight’ but there are too many fun dogs doing too many fun things for me to take that one to heart. Next time I’ll see what happens when I get an American Eskimo dog.)

Anyway. This pup’s name is Shorty, and she’s a Labrador retriever mix of some kind. She looks exactly like a grown-up lab, except about 60% scale. It is adorable. And, after a few moments of caution, she also acted just like a lab too. I’m not sure I’m capable of imagining a better dog for city living than a miniature Lab.

Labrador Retriever Mix

Shorty's in a shadow in this picture. So you can mostly not see her too well. Except her cute little belly.

Labrador Retriever Mix

This is where the photography gets crappy. Totally black dog. The highlights on her fur are overexposed and completely white. The shadows on her fur are totally black. Bah. Kind of a cute expression though.

Labrador Retriever Mix

The highlight/shadow problem is even more noticeable here, although at least you can see most of the detail.

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5 Responses to Dog of the Day: Shorty the Black Lab Mix

  1. Bonnie says:

    CUTEST DOG EVER! SHORTY is adorable!!!!

  2. Linda says:


  3. The Princess says:

    Big Yellow Lab named Harley would love to play with Shorty!! I would have to agree…cutest damn dog in San Fran!!

  4. Bro says:

    Well Shorty has a cousin by the name of Mac in LA who love to run with her!

  5. Sherri says:

    Love that dog! Her cute little belly needs a good scratch.

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