Double Dog Day: Holly and Missy the Golden Retrievers

These two are old friends of mine: I first ran into them in the dark one day last year in front of a restaurant. Couldn’t get any decent pictures of them in that lighting, but I remembered them, because they have very distinctive heads.

I wish I could say their greeting indicated that they remembered me, too, but I’m sure they greet everyone like that. Everyone with delicious bread in their pockets, at any rate. (But, given that they’re goldens, probably everyone else too.) This time I ran into them sitting on the steps of Grace Cathedral, along with mom, who graciously consented to my photographic tendencies.

Golden Retrievers and Woman

She did not choose this site specifically to be photogenic. However, I have to say, if she had, she couldn't have done much better.

Woman and Two Golden Retrievers

Aw, man. That's a lot of happy! So... do only happy people get golden retrievers, or do golden retrievers just make everybody as happy as they are?

Grace Cathedral

In case any of you don't know what it looks like, that's Grace Cathedral, atop Nob Hill. I live about six blocks' walk from there.

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