Dog of the Day: Georgia the Scottish Terrier Mix

Don’t know what the other half of Georgia is, and I don’t really care: she’s a super-photogenic, super-cute pup. (This is a shot from the Embarcadero: in the background you’re looking out at the San Francisco piers.)

Scotch Terrier Mix

Adorable paw placement, especially with the grey dainty poofly paws. Curved-up tail. Half-flopped ears. All adorable! (Plus, no, I don't know why there's a 'no parking' sign in the middle of the water.)


Probably the cutest girl with a mustache and beard that I've ever seen.


Adorable head tilt for the win!

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Georgia the Scottish Terrier Mix

  1. I wanted to comment on the photo of Georgia. I had a Scottish Terrier Mix that I rescued from our local Animal Shelter. I never knew what other breed he was. I always thought he was one of a kind. But when I stumbled across Georgia’s photo I couldn’t believe that there was another dog that looked like our Scotty. Unfortunately Scotty became quite ill and we lost him Dec. 27, 2014. He was a wonderful pet and a member of our family.
    I was wondering if Georgia’s owner know what her mixed breed is and if Georgia ever had Puppies. We miss our Scotty terribly and I would love to find another dog like him.

    • Adam Lang says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your pup.

      I’m afraid that Georgia’s owner never made it to my blog (that I know of) so I haven’t learned any more about her. But I’m a bit of a better dog-identifier than I was then. And if I had to guess, I’d say maybe a Scottie-poodle mix, although there’s also an outside chance of maybe even a Scottie-Portuguese water dog or similar breed.

      Just a hunch, of course. Good luck to you!

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