Double Dog Day: Dino (Older) and Bijou (Younger) the Vizslas

It’s amazing how much the older dog here has lightened with age. I’m used to vizslas being a uniform chocolate-brown color, never seen one that looked more like a latte.

Edit: The owner chimes in below: these are Dino (the older, lighter dog) and Bijou (the younger.)

Two Vizslas, One Young and One Old

One thing I’ve never seen is a fat vizsla. I’m sure it’s possible, but they seem to have a pretty revved-up metabolism.

Young Vizsla and Old Vizsla

Is it me, or does the old guy look a little bit… cynical?

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2 Responses to Double Dog Day: Dino (Older) and Bijou (Younger) the Vizslas

  1. Noma Faingold says:

    I did a google search under Vizsla images and quickly came upon my dogs. The older “latte” colored dog was Dino and he lived until age 15 (his coat was actually lighter than most Vizslas even when he was young). The younger, smaller one is Bijou. She is 6 years old. Of course I have lots of pics of them. But thanks for taking the pic and posting it.


    • Adam Lang says:

      I’m always happy to see someone find their dogs on here! And I’m sorry to hear about Dino, but fifteen! Wow! A long and, I suspect, happy life.

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