Double Dog Day: Akita and Maltese Mix

Just a guess at the Maltese mix. I was wandering around taking pictures when what did I see but an akita, headed my way. I think I may have seen this guy before.


Bear (and his dad) came right over, and I pointed my camera that way, since it was obvious he was going to be a great subject.

Akita Inu

Bear was more than willing to be a photographic subject.

Akita Inu and Maltese Mix

But then this little gal came over. Sorry, but I never got a clear shot of her face. And Bear had no idea how to react.

Akita Inu and Maltese Mix

Bear was totally flummoxed. It was hilarious... this other dog just came up out of nowhere...

Akita Inu and Maltese Mix

And then the Maltese mix (or whatever he is) proceeded to hug the heck out of Bear. For literally a couple of minutes.

Akita Inu and Maltese Mix

I know what you're thinking. No, she wasn't trying to hump him. And get your mind out of the gutter. 😀

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