Dog of the Day: Poor Italian Greyhound

This poor little pup got hit by a car. Her dad was conflicted: he didn’t want to let her run around too much and maybe cause her legs to heal crooked or poorly, but if you don’t let an Italian greyhound run around at all, well, that can cause problems that may well be even more serious.

I will say, the pup seemed pretty happy. And oh my God did she look ridiculous.

Italian Greyhound with Two Casts

She seemed to get around all right, mostly. Although just after I took this, she managed to slip and do a somersault. And land on her feet.

Italian Greyhound and Lab Mix

The other dogs didn't play too roughly with her, which was good. And may have been because even with the casts, they STILL couldn't catch up with her.

Italian Greyhound and Lab Mix

She was pretty adept at dodging, too.

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds have such sweet faces.

Italian Greyhound

And what utterly ridiculous ears.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Poor Italian Greyhound

  1. Beverly Rogers says:

    I love IGs although I’ve never owned one. I am so glad there are rescue organizations out there to help the homeless and injured dogs of all breeds and combinations of breeds! I and my husband have been foster volunteers for both collie and Boston terrier rescues. Hopefully I will be able to acquire an IG of my own someday. They seem like nice little companions for us elderly folks.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Good for you! Fostering dogs is a really great thing to do. I doubt I could do it myself… I’d probably just fall in love with the first one and end up adopting that one.

      As for Italian greyhounds, they’re very sweet, and usually very gentle. And of course they’re ridiculously fast, but I suspect that’s not actually a bar to older folks owning them. They’re faster than everybody. I doubt it’s a much bigger problem for older folks than it is for someone in their 20s. Neither one is ever going to be able to catch up. As long as they’re trained well, it shouldn’t be an issue.

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