Dog of the Day: Roxie the Australian Kelpie Mix

I ran across this pup in one of my more frequent haunts, the little parklet next to the ball park. My second kelpie there, in fact.

Another set of pictures made much more difficult by direct sunlight.

Australian Kelpie Mix

She was having a blast, fetching a dog-frisbee with mom.

Australian Kelpie Mix

She was tired by the time I got there, so she sometimes took a little while to hand over the frisbee.

Australian Kelpie Mix

After a while, she noticed I was standing there and not (apparently) doing anything, so she figured maybe I could throw the frisbee for her too.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Roxie the Australian Kelpie Mix

  1. Jake Ingram says:

    We also found a kelpie in the woods of South Carolina. She matches the exact description, jumps over fences, and loves to catch things. She is the best dog we have had yet.

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